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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Music Video: Shakira ft. Rihanna - Can't Remember To Forget You

Shakira's new Rihanna featured single 'Can't Remember To Forget You' may have disappointed me but the new sexy music video definitely did not. Anyone could tell the video would be all flavours of awesome and sexy just from looking at the single's cover, which you can see above.

The video did make the song seem a tinsy bit better but its still kind of medicore to me. Check it out below.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Music Video: Justin Bieber ft. Chance The Rapper - Confident

New Music: Kylie Minogue - Into The Blue

Now under the management of  Jay Z's Roc Nation, Kylie Minogue will be releasing her twelfth studio album entitled, Kiss Me Once (due March 17th 2014). After releasing her smash buzz track 'Skirt', Kylie released her first single called 'Into The Blue'. Its no 'Skirt' but it's a nice song none the less.

New Music Britney Spears ft. - It Should Be Easy + Now That I've Found You

So Ms. Las Vegas residency has decided her third single from her latest album Britney Jean will be her assisted 'It Should Be Easy', which in all honesty is a hot song but every one knows that 'Tik Tik Boom', 'Body Ache' or 'Til It's Gone' should have been third singles instead. I honestly don't know who decides what singles a musician should release but I need to get into that business because apparently the people in charge are doing it wrong.

On a side note if you check out Britney's official VEVO you'll notice that she uploaded Britney Jean bonus track,  'Now That I've Found You' to her page, which probably means it will be released as a single in the future as well. 'Now That I Found You' reminds me of Avicii's 'Wake Me Up' and if promoted well enough it could probably be a big hit for Britney.

New Music: Jennifer Lopez & DJ Mustard - Girls

DJ Mustard seems to be the go to person for making trap pop hits this year, whence the reports of Rihanna working with him for her eighth album. Rihanna's usually one of the leaders of whats in and setting trends but before she could release her DJ Mustard collaboration J.LO (and Tinashe) beat her to the punch with new track 'Girls'.

The song starts off with DJ Mustard's slogan "Mustard On The Beat, Ho!" so you know he produced it. the Track is really urban and falls into the new urban sub-genre that he calls "Rachet Music". So think of Cassie's mixtape Rock-A-Bye Baby and Rihanna's strip club anthem 'Pour It Up'.

Get ready to twerk as you check out the Asia Bryant penned 'Girls' below.

(SoundCloud Player Direct Link: HERE)

Music Video: Jade De LaFleur - Blue Notes And Green Trees

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Artist Promo: Anna Rose - Gimme Danger (The Stooges Cover)

After releasing her sophomore album Behold A Pale Horse last year, bluesy rock-n-roll songbird, Anna Rose has returned and released her cover of Iggy Pop and The Stooges song 'Gimme Danger'.

Back in 2010 Anna performed 'Gimme Danger' with the current Stooges members, Scott Asheton, Mike Watt and Steve Mackayfor the "Jam for Ron Asheton" honoring the recently-deceased member.

Listen and download her melancholy cover below via her official SoundCloud page.

(SoundCloud Player Direct Link: HERE)

 You can connect with Anna Rose via these social websites


New Music: Lily Allen - Air Balloon

'Air Balloon' is the follow up single to Lily Allen's catchy and controversial comeback single 'Hard Out Here'. Unlike the sarcastic and pro-feminist 'Hard Out Here', 'Air Balloon' is light and saccharine sweet pop track that's bordering on sickeningly sweet. Anyway I'm sure you can tell, which song I prefer more but whatever check out 'Air Balloon' below.

New Artist Alert: Demetria McKinney - Work With Me

If you watch Tyler Perry's TBS sitcom House Of Payne (I do not) then you probably recognize NAACP Award nominated actress Demetria McKinney as Janine Payne. Well since I've never seen House Of Payne this is the first time coming across her and I must say I'm glad I did because her first single, 'Work With Me' from her forthcoming EP is hot. Watch the video below.

New Music: My Crazy Girlfriend - Go F**K Yourself

If you were frequenting the internet during the whole Myspace craze then you've probably come across twin rapper duo Laze & Royal, Britney Spears-esque singer Myah Marie, and femcee Cosmo before. I'll be honest I never heard of Cosmo but I do know the other three. I especially know Myah Marie who is best known for her ever propular songs being confused for Britney Spears songs and demos on YouTube.

Anyway to make a long story short the four unsigned artist combined together to make a super group dubbed My Crazy Girlfriend, which was signed by major label,Capitol Records.

The groups first offering is their cheeky single 'Go F**K Yourself', which is all about a guy making excuses for why he's not availbe while his girlfriend has had enough and tells him to "go f**k himself". Its a catchy and fun track and I'm curious to see what else will be on their debut EP, Crazy Stupid Love.

New Music: Tinshe ft. School Boy Q - 2 On

RCA Records signed artist, Tinashe has released three critically praised mixtapes and is now trying her hand at releasing an official studio album single in the form of her School Boy Q assisted '2 On'. The urban hip-hop soaked track will appear on her debut studio album, which will be called Aquarius. Does '2 On' have what it takes to rocket Tinashe into mainstream stardom?

New Music: Danity Kane - Bye, Baby & All In A Days Work

I'm a huge Danity Kane fan and both their albums (Danity Kane 2006, Welcome To The Dollhouse 2008) were and still are the ISH! I loved the fact that each member of the group has a distinct sound so you know exactly who's singing without even having to look.

Well in 2013 my dreams of a reunion came true but I didn't find myself as excited as I thought I would be and all the drama of not having D.Woods in the group kind of turned me off. I don't see why these adult women can't grow up and do their reuion properly or don't do it at all. Danity Kane is a five piece group not a quartet but beggars can't be choosers and the fact that even four of these women could unite again is amazing.

Well the girls first offering of new material was their single 'All In A Days work', which we heard via a live performance and then we were graced with their first studio audio, 'Bye Baby'.

'All In A Days Work' is a Rock tinged sassy and empowring ladies anthem while 'Bye, Baby' is a funky R&B break up song. Listen to both songs below.

Music Video: Little Mix - Little Me

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Music Video: 7 Days of Funk (Dam Funk & Snoopzilla) - I'll Be There 4U

Music Video: Colbie Caillat - Hold On

Music Video: Killer Mike - Ghetto Gospel

Music Video: Pixie Lott - Nasty + Singer Battle: Pixie Lott vs Christina Aguilera & Cee Lo

British singer and songwriter, Pixie Lott has been around for awhile now and I never gave her music much thought but she finally caught my attention with her new single 'Nasty'.

'Nasty' has a nice soulful sound that is familiar to Christina Aguilera, who actually teamed up with Ce LOo and sang the song first but the track never made the Burlesque soundtrack cut.

Anyway Pixie Lott now owns the track which will appear on her self titled album due later this year.

Well I wasn't about to let the chance of doing a "Singer Battle" post pass me by so now after hearing Pixie Lott's version take a gander of Christina & Cee Lo's version below. Make sure to vote for which version YOU like better.

Music Video: B.o.B ft. Priscilla Renea - John Doe

New Artist Alert: Bianca Raquel - Dear Summer...Our Season Is Over

Modern day musical renaissance woman, Bianca Raquel not only writes her own music but can also sing it and produce it as well. The soulful vocalist who hails from Dunder Mifflin (like The Office LOL) has a bluesy/jazzy quality to her voice which, gives the covers she does a completely new sound.

Check out her video for her own original single 'Dear Summer...Our Season Is Over', which was filmed and directed by Chris Anthony HamiltoN.

If you want to download 'Dear Summer...Our Season Is Over' then you can hit up Bianca's official SoundCloud page to listen to other original songs and covers of songs from Rihanna and Radiohead.

Music Video: JMSN - The One

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Music Video: Paloma Faith - Can't Rely On You

Music Video: Little Nikki - Yo To

Music Video: Angel - Us

New Music: Shakira ft. Rihanna - Can't Remember To Forget You

"Meh" was exactly what I said when I ran over to hear Shakira and Rihanna's collaborative effort at work today.

'Can't Remember To Forget You' is a pretty mediocre track and my hopes weren't to high when I first heard rumour of the single.

I'm not much of a Shakira fan and don't get me wrong I respect her as an artist but she usually doesn't create anything I personally enjoy. In all honesty the song didn't really need to feature Rihanna since the song sounds like a Shakira track, which she could have pulled off alone.

Well at least they look bossed up on the single cover

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Music: Beyonce ft. Busta Rhymes & Azealia Banks - Partition (Remix)

Beyoncé's unapologetic and raunchy track 'Partition' off of her critically acclaimed self titled fifth studio album has received an unofficial remix by the likes of Busta Rhymes and Azealia Banks. Check out as both rappers drop a sexy verse over the minimal beat before Beyoncé starts singing and slaying.

New Music: Zendaya ft. Ty Dolla $ign, Imasu & Bobby Brackins - My Baby (Remix)

'My Baby' off of Zendaya's debut self titled album (September 17th 2013) has received a hip-hop remix featuring some of the most talked about upcoming rap stars such as, Ty Dolla $ign, Iamsu, and Bobby Brackins. The song which kind of sounds like Chris Brown's 'Beat it' has a really urban sound which houses the rappers lyrics perfectly. Check the remix track below.

Music Video: Blush ft. Snoop Dogg - Undivided

Music Video: Black Frost - Sincerely Yours (Dear Femcees)

Music Video: Lea Michele - Cannonball

Music Video: Eric Bellinger ft Problem - I Don't Want Her

Music Video: Trevor Jackson - New Thang

Fresh and new R&B singer and actor, Trevor Jackson has dropped the music video for his lead single from his EP of the same name, New Thang. Watch the future of R&B below.

New Music: Britney Spears ft. Sia - Perfume (Acoustic Remix)

Britney Spears underrated ballad single 'Perfume' has received an acoustic remix, which features some vocals from the song's writer herself, Sia.

Even though Sia's parts are minimal I think her powerful vocals add to the song and makes it even better then it was before. Listen to Britney's best ballad track to date below.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Music: Brooke Candy - Feel Myself (Alcohol)

In your face and extremely sexual femcee, Brooke Candy has released her first new track for the new year entitled 'Feel Yourself (Alcohol)'. Check out the electronic hip-hop track below.

Brooke Candy also teamed up with fashion line Diesel for her short teaser video for her single 'Feel Myself (Alcohol)'. The black & white video was directed by Inez and Vinoodh and features a scantily clad Brooke in dominatrix wear writhing around a stripper pole. Watch it below.

Music Video: Kat Dahlia - The High

New Music: Asia Bryant ft. Bre-Z Babii - I Luve This Shit (August Alsina Cover)

I usually prefer songs that have a feminine touch to them so I'm always for female artist covering their male counterparts hits and making them their own. This is the case with singer and songwriter, Asia Bryant cover of August Alsina's hit 'I Luv This Shit'. Check out the cover below featuring rapper Bre-Z Babii.

New Music: Keyshia Cole ft. Sean Kingston & Lil Wayne - Loyal (Chris Brown cover)

Keyshia Cole just dropped and killed a cover of Chris Brown's latest single 'Loyal', which was released late last year and due to appear on his forthcoming album X. Keyshia Cole's version however will appear on her upcoming mixtape that she's been working on.

(SoundCloud Player Direct Link: HERE)

I never got around to posting Chris Brown's two versions of 'Loyal' , which both feature Lil Wayne but the East Coast version features French Montana while the West Coast version features Too Short. Check both tracks out below.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Music Video: LiV. - LGO

Music News: Download Neon Hitch's New Mixtape 301 To Paradise

Neon Hitch has dropped her as she calls it "Vintage Gypsy Pop" mixtape, 301 To Paradise today. The mixtape is described as an introduction to her upcoming debut album.

 Neon uses Marilyn Munro as her muse on the 6 track Kinetics & One Love produced mixtape. For more information watch the red carpet interview she did with Clevver News below.

Stream and download 301 To Paradise via Neon Hitch's official SoundCloud page.

(SoundCloud Player Direct Link: HERE)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Music: Rita Ora - I'm Right Here

Another unreleased Rita Ora song called 'I'm Right Here' leaked to the web recently and like previous leak 'Stay Pretty', its a slow song featuring a guitar.

I don't think (and I hope) any of her leaked music will make it to her sophomore album that's suppose to get a North American and UK release.

Music Video: Just Ivy ft. DJ Khaled & Meek Mill - Bad Girl Takeover

The DJ Khaled & Meek Mill assisted 'Bad Girl Takeover' is singer, Just Ivy's follow up single to her Akon collaboration 'Paradise', which I placed on my list of best songs of 2013.

'Bad Girl Takeover' was filmed in New York and directed byDale Resteghini and creative director Laurieann Gibson(big part of Lady Gaga's early career). Check out the video below.

New Music: Elle Varner ft. Wale - Rover

One of R&B's most promising acts, Elle Varner has dropped a new single featuring Maybach Music rapper, Wale.

The sultry 'Rover' is all about Elle Varner jumping in her car to race over to her mans house for some adult fun. Listen to the grown and sexy track below.

Music Video: Xenia Ghali ft. Jessica Sutta - Out With A Bang!

Former Pussycat Doll, Jessica Sutta lends her vocals to new singer Xenia Ghali's single 'Out With A Bang!'. Check out the dynamic duo in action below.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Music Video: Dawn Richard - Riot/Northern Lights ft. Eve (Remix)

New Music: Lady Gaga ft. Christina Aguilera - Do What U Want (Remix)

Lady Gaga stunned fans when she performed her hit 'Do What U Want' live on The Voice finale with her supposed diva rival, Christina Aguilera. Well today the artsy and eccentric singer released the official studio audio to the remix, which you can listen to below.

BONUS: You can watch the two divas duet live below if you haven't seen the historic moment already.

New Music: Foxes - Holding Onto Heaven

Doe eyed singer, Foxes is probably best known for her vocal contribution to Zedd's hit 'Clarity'. Well the talented singer has released a new single entitled 'Holding Onto Heaven', which you can download for free via iTunes.

'Holding Onto Heaven' will appear on Foxes debut album, Glorius, which is due on March 4rth 2014.

Music Video: Ke$ha - Dirty Love

(Image Source:

I didn't much care for Ke$ha's Warrior (November 30th 2012) album and the only song I really wanted to become a single was 'Supernatural' but instead her pop rocker single 'Dirty Love' is getting the single treatment. 

The original track features Iggy Pop but he doesn't appear in this video and nor does his vocals. This is Ke$ha's directorial debut and the video features a glittery Ke$ha rolling around in various stages of sparkly undress.

Music Video: Krizz Kaliko ft. Crystal Watson - Kill For Your Lovin

Music Video: Jay Sean - Take That Off

Music Video: August Alsina - Dont Forget About Me

New Music: Neon Hitch ft. Kinetics - Some Like It Hot

Its 2014! So its only appropriate that my first post of 2014 be for one of my favourite singers, Neon Hitch.

The gypsy singer has released a new song entitled 'Some Like It Hot', which is no doubt inspired by one of her idols, Marilyn Munro who appeared in a 1959 movie of the same name.

'Some Like It Hot' is produced by and features the Kinetics and its due to appear on Neon's upcoming mixtape #301toParadise, which will drop on January 3rd 2014.

You can download 'Some Like It Hot' via Neon Hitch's official SoundCloud page.