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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Review Of 2013: BEST/WORST Albums & Mixtapes Of 2013

So this year I'm going to start my review of the year with my BEST/WORST Albums & Mixtapes Of 2013 list. I mainly focus on Pop and R&B because that's the genre of music I tend to listen to. So lets start off with the BEST albums of 2013.

The  BEST Albums & Mixtapes Of 2013

Cassie - Rock-A-Bye Baby (April 11th 2013)

Rock-A-Bye Baby is the second official body of work to be released by Cassie since her self titled debut in 2006. What makes Cassie's Rock-A-Bye Baby so good is the fact that Cassie completely avoided the ever present EDM trend and instead switched it up with a sound that would be more at home with Waka Flocka Flame. The gritty mixtape sets trends with urban beats and an abundance of urban acts/rappers such as Rick Ross, French Montana, Pusha T, Meek Mill, Jeremih, Fabolous, Too Short, and Ester Dean.

My Fave Tracks

The entire mixtape

(SoundCloud Direct Player Link: HERE)

Jessica Sanchez - Me, You & The Music (April 30th 2013)

 Jessica Sanchez was the runner-up on the eleventh season of American Idol and she was known for her alias B.B. Sanchez, her huge voice, and her love for Beyonce. Her debut album Me,You & The Music didn't do as well as other idol runner-up but in my opinion she had enough hits for her album to make the BEST list.

My Fave Tracks

- Right To Fall
- Tonight ft. Ne-Yo
- Don't Come Around
- No One Compares ft. Prince Royce
- In Your Hands
- You've Got The Love
- Gentlemen
- More Than Just Friends

Selena Gomez - Stars Dance (July 23rd 2013)

Stars Dance is Selena's debut solo album and its also the album we're she was taken serious as a pop contender. Not only does the music of Stars Dance take on a more adult themes but it also takes on a more adult sound with music that could be made by Britney Spears. The album is a heavily electronic pop delicacy, which should not be overlooked.

My Fave Tracks

The entire album from front to back

Georgia Reign - #DopeBoyzLuvMe (June 04 2013)

Georgia Reign is a Grammy nominated singer/songwriter who released her soulful R&B mixtape inspired by the movie Friday.

My Fave Tracks

- Cocaine ft. Kevin McCall
- He Got Me ft. 50 Cent
- Dope (Hot Boyz) interlude
- Autograph
- Fuck My Ex
- What I Wanna Hear
- Do Me
- Baby
- Feel Like A Woman ft. Raheem Devaughn Remix

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by

Kelly Rowland - Talk A Good Game (June 14th 2013)

Talk A Good Game is Kelly Rowland's fourth album and definitely her most personal.

My Fave Tracks

- Freaks
- Kisses Down Low
- Gone ft. Wiz Khalifa
- Talk A Good Game ft. Kevin Cossom
- Dirty Laundry
- I Remember
- Red Wine
- This Is Love
- Sky Walker ft. The-Dream
- #1
- Love Me Til I Die

Miley Cyrus - Bangerz (October 4rth 2013)

 I never wanted to like Miley Cyrus but good music is good music. Bangerz is Miley's coming of age album, which see's her drop the Disney Princess image for a more rebellious sound. The pop starlet works with more urban and adult sound and even gets a feature from freaking Britney Spears!

My Fave Tracks

Every song on the album with the exception of '4X4 '

Sevyn Streeter - Call Me Crazy But ... (December 3rd 2013) 

Talented singer/songwriter Sevyn Streeter is no stranger to girl groups as she debuted with TG4 and then moved onto the now defunct RichGirl. To talented not to release music Sevyn signed with Chris Brown's CBE Records and dropped her debut EP Call Me Crazy But...

My Fave Track

- Entire EP But nEXT is my absolute fave

Ariana Grande - Yours Truly (August 30th 2013)

Ariana Grande's debut album, Yours Truly pays homage to 90's urban music with samples from some faves like Lil Kim's 'Crush On You' and vocals reminiscent of Mariah Carey. Its a great debut effort and blends the lines between pop and R&B perfectly.

My Fave Tracks

- Honeymoon Avenue
- Baby I
- Right There ft. Big Sean
- Lovin' It
- The Way ft. Mac Miller
- You'll Never Know
- Better Left Unsaid

Baiyu - Ayahuasca (December 01 2013)

Throughout 2013 singer/songwriter Baiyu was releasing a new song once a month and by the time December rolled along, Baiyu had compiled her second full length album entitled, Ayahuasca, which features 14 original stellar tracks (some of them new some heard before).

My Fave Tracks

- Glory
- Cold Hearted
- Runaway
- Sensory Overload
- Paper
- Ayahuasca
- Surrender
- Surface
- The One

Download Ayahuasca for free via

Beyonce - Beyonce (December 13th 2013)

Beyonce literally had her fans demanding a single from her for months now and then out of no where she gives them a whole self titled album unannounced. Beyonce's self titled fifth album is a visual audio album, which means each song has its own music video to accompany each track.This album is also Beyonce's "IDGAF" (I Don't Give A F*ck) album due to the lyrical content, which sees the talented singer cursing and expressing a more overtly sexual side.

My Fave Tracks

- Pretty Hurts
- Haunted
- Drunk In Love ft. Jay Z
- Blow
- No Angel
- Partition
- Jealous
- Rocket
- XO
- ***Flawless ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

 Nylo - Indigo Summer (July 17th 2013)

Indigo Summer is Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, Nylo's second body of work. The free 7 track EP is full of dreamy and alternative R&B tracks with a feature by artist Gilbert Forte. Nylo even re-invents Robin Thicke's song of the summer, 'Blurred Lines' with her soft and angelic vocals.

My Fave Tracks

- Rent Free
- Breakfast Tiffany
-Take It Back
- Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke Cover)
- Nobody Has To Know ft. Gilbert Forte

(SoundCloud Player Direct Link: HERE)

Skylar Grey - Don't Look Down (July 5, 2013)

Singer/songwriter, Skylar Grey has written hits like Dirty Money's 'Coming Home' and Rihanna's 'Love The Way You Lie' so it was no shocker that her debut album Don't Look Down would be filled with moody and dark pop hits.

My Fave Tracks

-Back From The Dead ft. Big Sean  & Travis Barker
- Final Warning
- Wear Me Out
- Religion
- Weirdo
- Only Thing I Hear
- Can't Haunt Me ft. Marilyn Manson
- Shit, Man! ft. Angel Haze
- Glow In The Dark


Britney Spears - Britney Jean (December 3rd 2013)

 Britney Jean is Britney Spears eighth studio album and in my opinion it will go down as one of her worst. Usually Britney is at the forefront of music trends but I found Britney Jean to be boring and uninspired.

The Only Redeemable Songs:

- Body Ache
- Perfume
-Work Bitch
- It Should Be Easy ft. 
- Tik Tik Boom ft. T.I.

Katy Perry - Prism (October 18th 2013)

Katy Perry's Prism isn't a terrible album but it looses its steam halfway through the album. The first half is full of awesome tracks while the second half is pretty much boring and lack luster ballads.

The Only Redeemable Songs:

- Legendary Lovers
- Birthday
- Walking On Air
- Uncoditionally
- Dark Horse ft. Juicy J
- This Is How We Do
- International Smile

Demi Lovato - DEMI (May 10th 2013)

The Only Redeemable Songs:

- Neon Lights
- I Hate You, Don't Leave Me

Avril Lavigne - Avril Lavigne (November 1st 2013)

The Only Redeemable Songs:

- Hello Kitty

Little Mix Salute (November 15th 2013)

The Only Redeemable Songs:

- Move

Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience (Part 1 & 2) (March 15th & September 27th 2013)

 Literally one of the worst comeback albums to ever be made but yet it has been praised and has won tons of awards. I still don't see the appeal and I've said that since the release of 'Suit And Tie'.

The Only Redeemable Songs:

- True Blood

Jessie J - Alive (October 1st 2013)

The Only Redeemable Songs:

- Thunder
- Square One
- Daydreamin
- Excuse My Rude ft. Becky G


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