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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

RANT: Eminem Gets Away With Homophobic Slurs

If any one says that being a white male doesn't have benefits then they're lying or just ignorant. A perfect example of "White Privilege" is Eminem's recent use of anti-homosexual slur "fag". Eminem is rewarded with coveted SNL performance slots while Azealia Banks is rumored to have lost her  Mac Viva Glam endorsement due to her use of the word while battling Perez Hilton.

The white rapper came under some very light fire for using the dreaded homophobic slur on his new album. Of course the media ignored it for the most part and the few people who took offense were brushed away with statements like "Your to sensitive" or "He doesn't mean it in a hateful way". Yet when Azealia Banks used the word it was a full on witch hunt and when Chris Brown uses the word its the end of the world. Don't forget Isiah Washington of Greys Anatomy lost his acting job for uttering the slur. Where are Perez Hilton with "boycott Eminem's new album" and where are all the people who screamed afoul when others have said and used the dreaded f-word? I haven't seen any anti Eminem post on Tumblr yet but I have seen tons of anti-Azealia Banks post. Eminem is actually being defended by the general public as they look for ways to justify his use of the bigoted slur. Why is that? Is it because he's white male so he gets a pass? Well that is the magical answer right there.

The funniest thing was reading comments from his supporters who say crap like

"Well, anyone who takes him using the word “fag” and “gay” as an actual diss towards homosexuals needs to grow the hell up and not be so sensitive.
He is clearly just using those words to diss fellow rappers, not actually attacking the homosexual community. He has said numerous times he has nothing against them, and growing up words like “fag” and “gay” were thrown around to describe things you thought were boring, lame or someone you didn’t like.
I actually have a gay family member who loves Eminem’s music. He is just not over sensitive and actually finds out what Eminem’s lyrics means before criticizing them.
And Boy George, how about you piss the f*ck off. You haven’t even heard the song yet have the nerve to attack Eminem for using a word when you have no idea what reference he used it in? I hope Eminem disses the hell out of you for that. Quit being over sensitive people. Gay is used for a HELL OF A LOT more things than just a homosexual these days."
- Roca99 (from Idolator comment section)

This persons logic is hilarious. So if he called a black person the n-word then this person would probably defend him by saying "its art"
"He has been using these slurs for a long time,that much we know. How many times does he have to say that he has nothing against homosexuals or against anyone? What he puts in his art doesn’t depict who he really is. Stop being so sensitive."
- BEYHIVE_MINAJ (from That Grape Juice comment section)
The fact that he is using an offensive word that has negative power over homosexuals shows that he does have something against homosexuals or he would avoid using the word in general. If he were to say the "nigger" in one of his songs would he be able to explain his way out of that? I should hope he'd be pointed out as a racist.
"how often will he have to explain his raps?

damn, folks, calm down. he said a couple of times that he is no homophobic nor wants to attack homosexuals in his rhymes…

people do feel offended way too easily these days"

  -XYZ (from That Grape Juice comment section)

If Eminem were a white woman or any other race using offensive slurs he'd be roasted alive by the media. This is a  perfect example of  "White Male Priveledge". When white female rapper V-Nasty was saying the N-Word her pathetic career was destroyed and she deserved just that. So why is Eminem getting away with using hate speech?  When our we as a society going to punish everyone for using offensive slurs instead of giving certain individuals a pass based on gender, race, or popularity. Another excellent example of the media being selective of who they punish is Jennifer Lopez being punished for using the "N-word" as opposed to DJ Khaled, Pitbull, and Fat Joe. If Azealia Banks, Chris Brown, and Isaiah Washington are all to be punished for their use of the word "faggot" or "fag" then so should Eminem. Equality for all! Isn't that what we're always preaching in North America?

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