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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Music: Jessie Ware & Julio Bahmore - Peppermint

British singer/songwriter Jessie Ware teams up with producer Julio Bashmore to release a new song called 'Peppermint', which is a re-make of 90's house track 'I'm Hot For You' by Lil' Louis. Julio put a more modern spin to the production but its essentially the same lovable and dance worthy club song. Check it out below.

BONUS: Listen to the original 'I'm Hot For You' by Lil Louis below

I was never really sure of the artist that created the original 'I'm Hot For You' song so you can read YouTube user Phil H's comment below, which explains how the song came into existence

"This track has been produced by The Stickmen (from Toronto), this has nothing to do with Chris Sheppard. This track samples the 1989 Italian house classic, "Lee Lewis - Atmosphere (Deep Version)" produced by two Italian guys with collaboration of Lil Louis. Vocals are sampled from Karen Young - Hot Shot and Tony Lee - Reach Up."
Pretty convoluted eh?

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