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Friday, September 20, 2013

Singer Battle: T'Melle vs. J. Holiday - After We Fuck

Boy it feels good to write one of these up. I know most readers ignore these post but I really miss and love doing these Singer Battles anyway...

The first time I heard the provocative 'After We Fuck' was from Left Eye (TLC) protege, T'Melle's mixtape The Interview (stream and download HERE). The stand out track was one of the best songs from the mixtape.

 Today 'Bed' singer J. Holiday dropped his version of the song with different verses but with the same chorus, beat, and tune. Now Lets see who did it best

The WINNER: T'Melle

This was a close one but when it came down to which version I preferred I chose T'Melle's. Maybe its due to the fact that I prefer female vocalist over male vocalist but something about T'Melle's voice just sat well with my ears.

YOU (the readers)  decide who you thought did it better on the poll below.

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