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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Artist Promo: Jade Alston Needs Our Help!

You may or may not have known that talented singer/songwriter Jade Alston was pretty sick recently due to a heart condition called Myocarditis. Thankfully she feeling better now days and is back on track with her life but the frightening event has taught Jade that life is to short and now she's even more motivated to accomplish her goals.

Jade Alston has decided to stop waiting for that "Big Break" and has decided to take charge of her own destiny by releasing an album independently but Jade Alston needs help. You can help Ms. Alston by donating via her Kickstarter page. Check out the inspiring video and new song below.

So far Jade Alston has received $2000 in donations over the week but you can still help by donating HERE.

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