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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Artist Promo: Dave Raps' #davedaze "Brandy" (Day 3), "Your Man" (Day 4), and "Never Fine" (Day 5)

So far Dave Raps has released 2 songs already from his #davedaze 2013 series (see HERE) and today I'm posting three more songs in the series.

The first song entitled 'Brandy' (Day 3) see Dave drop some lyrics over the beat of Brandy's single 'Wildest Dream'. Check it out below.

(SoundCloud Player Direct Link: HERE)

His Day 4 release entitled 'Your Man' below.

(SoundCloud Player Direct Link: HERE)

And last but not least Day 5's track entitled 'Never Fine' sees Dave Raps rapping over Cyhi tha Prynce's record.

(SoundCloud Player Direct Link: HERE)

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