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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Artist Promo: Dave Raps - 100% Pure

Its been a minute since we've heard anything from rapper, Dave Raps. Well the lyricist has been busy making music since 2009 in preparation for his upcoming project In The Valley. Dave's also released a new music video 3 days ago for his new track '100% Pure', which you can check out below and download HERE.

in the video you might be shocked to see Dave rocking a swastika but don't get it twisted he's not wearing one in support of any hate groups he's wearing it in an attempt to return the maligned symbol back to its original meaning of  good luck, strength and  life. Its a bold and controversial move but if he's brave enough to pull it off then power to him.

 Check out Dave Raps website,, where you can download and listen to his FREE EP H.Y.P.E.

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