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Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Music: Jhene aiko ft. Childish Gambino - Bed Peace

A few weeks ago Jhene Aiko debuted a new song featuring Childish Gambino (Troy from Community) called 'Bed Peace'. The new song kind of shares the same concept as Bruno Mars' 'The Lazy Song' except Jhene's 'Bed Peace' is actually good. Check it out below.

(SoundCloud Player Direct Link: HERE)

New Music: Porcelain Black - Sweeter

RedOne's electro pop-rock singer, Porcelain Black vanished from the music scene after her debut in 2011 with no album in sight but now the rebellious tattooed singer has returned with a new song over Canadian DJ/producer DeadMau5's instrumental.

Her new song entitled 'Sweeter' will not appear on her upcoming album or on any other body of work since the beat was taken without Deadmau5's blessings.

Regardless of what the ever opinionated and surly Deadmau5 thinks the song is unique and I thoroughly enjoy listening to it.

New Music: Natalia Kills - Outta Time

Natalia Kills released her sophomore album Trouble on September 2nd and so far the album has spawned two single 'Problem' and 'Saturday Night'. Now Natalia will be releasing her retro sounding 'Outta Time' as the third single, which you can view via her official VEVO lyric video.

Artist Promo: Dave Raps - Power Hungry (Day 6 of #davedaze)

Dave Raps drops his 6th single for day 6 of his #davedaze series. The new track entitled 'Power Hungry' sees the Florida emcee spitting rhymes over GunPlay's 'Bible On The Dash'.

(SoundCloud Player Direct Link: HERE)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Music: Rihanna - What Now

Its been announced that November's Glamour cover diva, Rihanna will be releasing her powerful track 'What Now' as her next single, which I predicted back in June. I could tell after attending her Diamonds World Tour that 'What Now' would be a single. According to Rap-Up she's already taped a video for the single on her trip to Thailand.

BONUS: Rihanna also stopped by British comedian Alan Carr's 100th episode of his show Alan Carr: Chatty Man for an interview and performance of 'What Now'.

Alan Carr | Chatty Man: Rihanna 'What Now... by safl23

Artist Promo: Alyssa Reid - Satifaction Guaranteed

Canadian pop artist Alyssa Reid has dropped her new single  'Satisfaction Guaranteed' off of her untitled sophomore album. Her first offering from her upcoming Wax Records album was the amazing 'Running Guns' and now the follow up 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' is equally if not hotter then its predecessor.

Music Video: Sharaya J - Smash Up The Place / Snatch Yo Wig

(Image Source:

We may not have heard much from Missy Elliot in recent years but she's still working hard in the background for other artist such as her new protege, Sharaya J. The Hawain born femcee is signed to Missy Elliot's label The Goldmind Inc and her new music video for her single 'Smash Up The Place' was even directed by Missy. Check it out below.

Music Video: RAC ft. Kele & MNDR - Let Go

Music Video: Jessica Mauboy - Pop A Bottle (Fill Me Up)

Music Video: Charli XCX - SuperLove

New Music: Ciara - Overdose

Ciara has announced her third single from her self titled fifth studio album will be her Livvi Franc penned 'Overdose'. The pop single has major cross over appeal and is really top 40 radio friendly.

Unfortunately even though 'Overdose' has major crossover appeal it still will go unrecognized and ignored by the general public and major mainstream media. Mainstream media has an unspoken rule of only allowing 2 black female megastars at time so if your not Rihanna or Beyonce (and occasionally Nicki Minaj) you'll be overlooked as "Black" music. For goodness sake Toronto's so-called urban radio station Flow 93.5 chooses not to play any music from Ciara's new album and instead is opting to play EDM tracks like Armin van Buuren's 'This Is What It Feels Like'. I guess as long as they meet their quota of playing Drake's  music every second song then their doing something for urban music.

Artist Alert: Agnes Mo ft. Timbaland & T.I - Coke Bottle

Indonesian actress and singer, Agnes Monica (Agnes Mo) will be breaking through the international music market with her first international single 'Coke Bottle' featuring T.I and Timbaland, which will appear on her debut English album.

The track is pure fire and the beat is irresistible.

Artist Promo: Dave Raps' #davedaze "Brandy" (Day 3), "Your Man" (Day 4), and "Never Fine" (Day 5)

So far Dave Raps has released 2 songs already from his #davedaze 2013 series (see HERE) and today I'm posting three more songs in the series.

The first song entitled 'Brandy' (Day 3) see Dave drop some lyrics over the beat of Brandy's single 'Wildest Dream'. Check it out below.

(SoundCloud Player Direct Link: HERE)

His Day 4 release entitled 'Your Man' below.

(SoundCloud Player Direct Link: HERE)

And last but not least Day 5's track entitled 'Never Fine' sees Dave Raps rapping over Cyhi tha Prynce's record.

(SoundCloud Player Direct Link: HERE)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Music Video: Skylar Grey - Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover)

Music Video: Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Director's Cut)

If you complained or felt uncomfortable/disgusted by Miley Cyrus' naked form and fellating  a sledge hammer with her cavernous maw you'll be glad to know all of that has been removed from her directors cut version of 'Wrecking Ball'.

Honestly this version is more appropriate for the actual content of the song but some viewers might get a lil bored of seeing a close up shot of a weeping Miley for 3:56 minutes. Whatever the case is the song is hot regardless of the visuals.

Music Video: Talib Kweli - Turnt Up

Music Video: Roosevelt - Elliot

Music Video: A$AP Rocky - Fashion Killa (Starring Rihanna)

Music Video: Mel B - For Once In My Life

Artist Promo: Dave Raps Kick Starts His #Davedaze Series With "Bad Boy" (Day 1) & "Both Sides" (Day 2)

On September 23rd Dave Raps new series #davedaze begun with the first release from the series being his new track 'Bad Boy', which uses the beat from Audio Push's record 'Shine'. Check it out below.

(SoundCloud Player Direct Link: HERE)

For Dave's second day (September 24rth) of #davedaze, He decided to release his new track entitled 'Both Sides', which sees Dave flowing over Drake's new Jay-Z assisted track 'Pound Cake' Check it out below.

(SoundCloud Player Direct Link: HERE)

Music Video: Drake - Hold On, We’re Going Home

Music Video: Sky Ferreira - You're Not The One

Music Video: Mike WiLL Made It ft. Miley Cyrus & Wiz Khalifa - 23

Music Video: Cher Lloyd ft. T.I. - I Wish

Music Video: Jason Derulo - Marry Me

Music Video: Zedd ft. Hayley Williams - Stay The Night

Friday, September 20, 2013

Music Video: Avicii - You Make Me

Music Video: Armin van Buuren ft. Cindy Alma - Beautiful Life

Music Video: Rapsody - Kingship

Music Video: Tegan And Sara - Goodbye, Goodbye

Music Video: Shanell - Hotel

Unique Young Money singer Shanell AKA SnL  has dropped a new video via World Star Hip-Hop for her single 'Hotel' off of her latest mixtape Midnight Mimosas, which you can download HERE

Artist Promo: Download Sound Check Volume 10 Mixtape

The new Sound Check Mixtape is here. Volume 10 features original tracks from Lil Chuckee and Re-Ill, Ms. Proper, J Prophet, Seth Narley, CuzImdope and much more. Sound Check Mixtape Volume 10 Track List:
  1. Yoyo – Re-ill ft. Lil Chuckee @re_ill @lilchuckee
  2. A Formality – Curtessy @curtessy
  3. Hood & High Fashion – Seth Narley @sethnarley
  4. Hey U – Drop City Yacht Club @dcyclub
  5. Cold Cut – CuzImDope @cuzimdopemusic
  6. Racked Up – Foley @FoleyDLife
  7. Back To Life – Irv Da Phenom @irvdaphenom
  8. Singapore ‘Sing&Pour’ – Perry Porter(ft. LuWees) @perryporter @luwess
  9. Paralyzed – Deverano ft. Kristin Carpenter @iamdeverano
  10. You Know – Milly Mcjaggurr @millymcjaggurr
  11. 860 Degress Celcius – AzstroBoii @azstroBoii
  12. International – G The Master Mind ft. Hot Lotto @themastermind26
  13. President – Benny Heightz @bennyheightz
  14. City-Scene – Monte SS @montessyes
  15. Harder To Stand – Ms Proper @msproper
  16. Young Nigga – Camo @_camo
  17. Smoke With Me – RDN @itsyaboyrdn
  18. Marathon – BJ Bowers @bjthevoice
  19. Sex Drive – Rey Royale ft. Dela Skar @reyroyale
  20. Love Me – P.U.S.H Pack Group/Clique @pushpack738
  21. 7 Days – Balliztic @balliztic
  22. Lo-Fi Hoes – Ant-Live @antlive_soafb
  23. Medicine – Chelo Aestrid ft. Mecha Hell @cheloaestrid
  24. Swept Under The Rug – Francie Moon
  25. Breathe – J Prophet ft. Fancy @jprophetpap
  26. It’s Gotta Be – LD ft. Blackheart & Queen Yonasda @ld4star

Dowload Volume 10 HERE via and stream the mixtape below.

(SoundCloud Player direct Link: HERE)

 Like there Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. Make sure you visit as well.

Music Video: Akon ft Yo Gotti - We On

Music Video: Ronald Isley ft. Kem - My Favorite Thing

Artist Promo: Dave Raps Drops "Annexation Of Puerto Rico" Music Video + Download

Dave Raps is on his grind with plans to release a new song every day for 20 days straight. The 20 day project entitled #Davedaze will begin on September 23rd but Dave wanted to release a little bonus track early with his new video and song 'Annexation Of Puerto Rico' (download HERE).

Are you ready for #Davedaze?

Singer Battle: T'Melle vs. J. Holiday - After We Fuck

Boy it feels good to write one of these up. I know most readers ignore these post but I really miss and love doing these Singer Battles anyway...

The first time I heard the provocative 'After We Fuck' was from Left Eye (TLC) protege, T'Melle's mixtape The Interview (stream and download HERE). The stand out track was one of the best songs from the mixtape.

 Today 'Bed' singer J. Holiday dropped his version of the song with different verses but with the same chorus, beat, and tune. Now Lets see who did it best

The WINNER: T'Melle

This was a close one but when it came down to which version I preferred I chose T'Melle's. Maybe its due to the fact that I prefer female vocalist over male vocalist but something about T'Melle's voice just sat well with my ears.

YOU (the readers)  decide who you thought did it better on the poll below.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Music Video: Solange - Lovers In The Parking Lot

Music Video: J.Cole ft. TLC - Crooked Smile

Blog Update: Sorry! I Had To Make A Cut

I just went through my inbox and I'm super appreciative that people took the time to send me material but I realized there is no way I can post everything. I wish I could but I can't so I'm going to start cutting some stuff. Blogging is a very time consuming hobby and unfortunately for me my real life responsibilities (life and work) won't allow me to focus on a blog and especially one that makes me no revenue.

I cut my artist submission from 100 emails to 40 unread emails. I'm not going to post anything but music and music videos so don't send me interviews or anything else that doesn't directly focus on music.

If you have any suggestions feel free to email me or leave a comment

Music Video: Mark Morrison - IAMWHATIAM (Silvastone Remix) #afrobeats

Music Video: Maejor Ali ft. Juicy J, Justin Bieber - Lolly

New Music: Katy Perry ft. Juicy J - Dark Horse

While Katy Perry captures her audiences attention with her raven hair and enchanting blue gaze on the cover of the  October issue of Elle Magazine (Canada) her new single 'Dark Horse' featuring Juicy J has leaked in full. The "Trap-Pop" tune is dark and heavy on the bass as it takes on a more urban sound and elements from the chopped and screwed genre.
Check it out below.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Music: Tamar Braxton - Pieces

Toni Braxton's little sister Tamar Braxton's highly anticipated sophomore album, Love and War was released on September 3rd and the albums a pretty solid R&B album.

My personal favourite track has to be the Brian Michael Cox produced and Sevyn Streeter co-written track 'Pieces'. On the sassy song Tamar gives her man an ultimatum as she states "Give me all your love or I don't want your love'. check it out below.

New Music: Ariana Grande - Honeymoon Avenue

Every Sunday I listen to Virgin Radio 99/9 to hear the top 40 songs in America with Ryan Seacrest. Usually in between songs he does mini interviews with celebs and today it was Nickelodeon princess Ariana Grande, who was talking about her new #1 album, Yours Truly (released August 30th). One of the tracks that came up in the discussion was her beautiful track 'Honeymoon Avenue', which they played a snippet of. Instantly I fell in love with the heartbreaking song and I just had to post it for every one to hear (if they haven't already).

New Music: Olivia ft. Tank - Love Like This

A new song entitled, 'Love Like This' from Olivia Longott featuring singer songwriter, Tank surfaced on the net recently and I'm not quite sure what the song is for. Whether it be for her new single, a demo, or an unreleased track is yet to be known but whatever the purpose of the song is we can all agree the smooth R&B track is fantastic. Check it out below.

New Music: Jessie J ft. Becky G - Excuse My Rude

Last month Jessie J dropped one of the hottest songs she's ever made entitled 'Excuse My Rude' featuring young firecracker femcee, Becky G. The urban cut has a stellar production and a sassy and empowering attitude, which equals pure hotness. Check out the official lyric video below.

'Excuse My Rude' will appear on Jessie J's sophomore album Alive, which is due on September 24th.

New Music: Nayer ft. Afrojack & Detail - Thirsty

Latin vixen, Nayer (usually associated with Pitbull) is probably recognized more for her modeling then her singing but nowadays she's not only trying to get your eyes to focus on her but now she's trying to get your ears to focus on her. Check out her new sexy leaked Afrojack and Detail assisted track called 'Thirsty'.

Artist Promo: Oh No iTs Y.O - Put Some $$ On Me + How I Could Just Kill A Man Freestyle

For the last six months New York rapper Oh No iTs Y.O has been putting music together for his upcoming EP, The World made me DO IT AGAIN!.

Check out his new music 'Put Some $$ On Me!', which is co-produced by Blood Money Productions and his freestyle over Cypress Hills' 'How I Could Just Kill A Man'. Canelo Alverez's camp considered having Y.O perform 'Put Some $$ On Me!' for his Las Vegas fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr on September 14th.

(SoundCloud Player Direct Link: HERE)

Connect with Oh No iTs Y.O on

Official Website

New Music: Britney Spears - Work Bitch

Britney Spears new single 'Work Bitch' hit the web a day earlier then expected and its not what I expected. Check it out below before you read my opinion of the song.

Well the song is definitely not what I was expecting and I was was kind of taken by surprise. There was no RuPaul sample like every one was speculating and the its a heavily produced electronic dance track that doesn't really follow the more urban theme I thought she was leaning towards this era. I'll admit it that most of Britney's music with the exception of her ballads are pretty good and she's never disappointed me with a good dance track but 'Work Bitch' might have to grow on me. I'm not going to say I hate it and I'm not going to say I love it either. I'm leaning more to the "dislike" side but maybe I just need to listen to it some more.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Music: Blake McGrath - Debonair (Full Version)

Canadian singer Blake McGrath has released the full audio track for his sexy second single 'Debonair' off of his sophomore album Love Revolution due on September 30th. Check out the official lyric video below.

Music Video: Eddie Murphy ft. Snoop Lion - Red Light

Music Video: Neon Hitch - We Can't Stop (Miley Cyrus Cover)

One my pop faves, Neon Hitch has returned with her cover of one of the biggest songs of the summer. Watch as the bright red head reggae-fies Miley Cyrus' 'We Can't Stop'.

Download Neon Hitch's 'We Can't Stop' cover via her official SoundCloud page.

(SoundCloud Player Direct Link: HERE)

Music Video: Little Boots - Satellite

Music Video: Sean Kingston ft. Wale - Seasonal Love

Music Video: MØ ft. Diplo - XXX 88

Music Video: Hedley - Anything

Cheeky video if I say so myself...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Music Video: Ellie Goulding - How Long Will I Love You

Music Video: G.R.L. - Vacation

G.R.L dropped the video for their uber cute single 'Vacation' and can I just go on record and say that I love this video. Did you see the dance scenes and the cameo from Spice Girl, Mel B? HOT!

I can't wait to see and hear more from them. Check out their acapella live rendition of 'Vacation' via IHEARTRadio's 'Next Up' session.

Music Video: The Weeknd ft. Drake - Live For

Music Video: The Cataracs ft. Luciana - Big Dipper

Music Video: Vali ft. Wiz Khalifa - Dimes

Not only do I love Vali's new single 'Dimes' featuring Wiz Khalifa but the music video is equally as enjoyable. The video is just full of swag and it commands your attention. Check out the hot visuals below.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Music Video: Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball

I'm not a fan of Miley Cyrus as a product or a person and I never have been but I must say that I'm a fan of her new music (so far). Check out her new Terry Richardson directed video for her second single, 'Wrecking Ball', which will appear on her upcoming album Bangerz (October 4rth 2013). Check it out below.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Music Video: Iggy Azalea ft. T.I - Change Your Life

Earlier today Iggy Azalea dropped her new video for her single 'Change Your Life' featuring T.I. The glamorous Las Vegas themed video is scorching and full of sin just like the city it takes place in. Watch it the glossy cinematics below.