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Friday, August 23, 2013

Artist Promo: We've Got Lots Of Love For You "From The Start"

If you like the nostalgia pop of Lana Del Rey then you'll probably enjoy singer songwriter Jessica Fleischer AKA Lots Of Love's music. Unlike Lana, Lots Of Love's vintage vibe is more upbeat compared to the darker/depressing tones Lana takes on. That's not to say that Lots Of Love's music doesn't have an air of mystery and intrigue to it like many of her inspirations of the 50's and 60's such as Connie Francis and The Crystals.

 Lots Of Love will be releasing her debut album From The Start  on Tuesday, August 27th, which she worked on with the frontman of the band Rooney, Robert Schwartzman. The 10 track albums lead single also titled, 'From The Start' is about an unrequited love Jessica experienced from a health food store employee in Los Angeles, which you can read more about via the Huffingtonpost.

(Soundcloud Player Direct Link: HERE)

Lots Of Love also released an appropriately retro and dreamy looking video for her album single 'Come To Life', which you can watch below.

 From The Start Tracklist

01. Sitting In A Box
02. From The Start
03. It's So Hard
04. I Think It's Called Love
05. Come To Life
06. It's Happening
07. Boys Men
08. Mister Mystery
09. When I See You
10. Ghosts Are Coming

You can stream her debut album From The Start via her Website and you can also connect with Lots O Love through Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, Myspace, and Instagram. You can also purchase her music on iTunes.

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