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Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Music: Beyonce - Bow Down & I Been On

The power of Beyonce is quite real! She has sold out tours without even releasing new material. That means people were brave/idiotic enough to purchase expensive tickets before they even knew what material she'd be performing.

Well today the self proclaimed, King B has finally given her misguided and aggressive hive of mostly tyrannical homosexuals and sycophantic females new material and God knows they need this ish like electrolytes to survive.

Anyway the new material is released in the form of an interlude/prelude/snippet from her yet to be titled upcoming album. Both tracks titled, 'Bow Down' and 'I Been On' see Beyonce taking on a trap, trill, rachet, or whatever the hell you wanna call this genre of urban pop/R&B music that was made popular by both Ciara and more recently Rihanna (whence 'Pour It Up').

I prefer the boastful 'Bow Down', which see's Lilly white Obama pet, Beyonce using profanity and referring to fellow females she claims to empower constantly as "bitches". Take that Feminism! The second song 'I Been On' has a sick Hit-Boy produced beat but that's about it since all of Beyonce's vocals have been altered or chopped and screwed beyond recognition and the content its self is rubbish.

Anyway both tracks aren't to shabby and yes I'm kind of excited to see what Beyonce has to offer since I really didn't like previous era,4.

(SoundCloud Player Link: HERE)

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