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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Music Video: Tiffany Foxx ft. Lil Kim - Twisted

So I've seen interviews with Lil Kim's protege Tiffany Foxx and she seems like a nice person but (imma bout to sound like a hater) I don't think she's a worthy investment for Lil' Kim. Most of Tiffany's music including this song 'Twisted' is mediocre to me and yes image shouldn't matter but it does and Tiffany lacks just that.

I also don't see Tiffany ever getting pass the mixtape phase in her career and I'll be surprised if she ever get a full length studio album before she vanishes into obscurity. I don't believe she has any real stand out qualities about her and we all know if you want to be successful as a female rapper now days you've got to strive a lot harder to be interesting and different or you'll be overlooked.

Now I'm about to hate on Miley Cyrus! I'm so tired of these stupid Disney teeny-bopper kids attempting to rebel against their Disney images by hanging out with the "Big Bad" black artist. If I recall Miley Cyrus admitted that she never even heard a Jay-Z song before in her life and that she doesn't listen to that type of music. Now lets fast-foward to 2013 and now we see her all booed up with black/urban artist all the time in some sad attempt to reinvent her image.I'm not falling for it Hanna Montana!

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