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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

RANT: Lets Discuss Stans And Twitter!

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Today I read a vibe article (Stans Gone Wild: The 15 Craziest Celebrity Twitter Fans) and it made me sit back and analyze how the internet has changed the face of music and stardom for this generation of technology. Some argue that it changed the music world in a negative way (e.g. illegal downloads and file sharing) others like me believe it has changed music in a positive way (e.g. allowing new music to be more accessible no matter where you live and helping individual discover new artist a lot easier) but today I'm going to focus on one negative aspect of the internet effect on the pop music world.

If you frequent entertainment sites or even use social media then you've no doubt crossed paths with a Stan of some sort. The term Stan derives from Eminem and Dido's song of the same title that chronicles the path to destruction by a mentally unstable super fan. The term could also derive from combining the words stalker and fan. They pretty much worship these celebrities and equate them to gods.

 I maybe incorrect but Lady Gaga was the first celebrity to stand out and and name her flock of fringe fans in attempt to give them a place to belong and then like that the Little Monsters were born. From their on out other musicians realized how much marketing ventures and opportunities Twitter provided so they decided to follow suit and before you know it every singer has a clan of affable followers. These followers are a testament to their fame and power and an extension to their egos. Unfortunately these lost fans that follow these celebs truly think that these celebrities care about them so at every chance they get they will defend and attack for their false messiahs.

With the emergence of social media these depraved individuals can now share their festering thoughts as one hive mind with other mentally ill individuals who think just like them. These Super fans or Stans are some of the most disgusting and disturbed individuals that one could run into when frequenting entertainment sites. They literally live and breathe their idols and live their lives vicariously through them.

My biggest complaint is certain celebrities like Lady Gaga who supposedly stand against bullying sit back and allow their followers to attack and cyber-bully other artist and other individuals. The funny thing is these celebrities have all the power in the world to stop their clans from acting up but instead of rebuking them they allow this behavior out of fear of loosing future sales.

I'll most likely won't be getting a Twitter account any time soon unless of course I end up pursuing blogging as a serious career. Even if I do get a twitter account in the foreseeable future I refuse to follow a celebrity. Would that celebrity follow me? Of course not! So why should I follow them? People need to learn to live again and if you doubt what I'm saying one only needs to read a popular celebrities Twitter timeline.

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