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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Artist Promo: ThaNovelist - Why Me?

Las Vegas rapper, ThaNovelist has gone through things most of us are fortunate to have never experienced but for those who have gone through what he has or similar situations can relate to his music video and the lyrics to his song 'Why Me?".

At 12 years old, ThaNovelist witnessed his mother hang herself infront of him and after that point he was bouncing from children facility to facility.

ThaNovelist understands that in North America children with Mental health don't have much of  a voice and that they should. No one should be forced medicated against their will. His story is actually reminiscent of the Ashley Smith case in which a 19 year Ashley committed suicide while her handlers and guards watched (read the full story HERE)

ThaNovelist hopes to connect with other who've been through similiar sitiuations through his music. ThaNovelist supports such foundations like National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health and and asks the public to do the same.

You can connect with Tha Novelist at these various social websites listed below


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