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Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Music: Rihanna ft. Chris Brown - Nobody's Buisness

Rihanna's track 'Nobody's Business' received ample amounts of attention before the release of her 7th album, Unapologetic (November 2012). All the buzz surrounding the track was mainly due to RiRi working and collaborating with Chris Brown, which has already been done (see 'Umbrella Remix', 'Turn it Up The Music Remix', 'Birthday Cake Remix') and in all honesty isn't notorious or exciting in any form but the pathetic media loves this type of stuff and ran with it. All the buzz also allowed the track to be released as an unofficial single, which Canadian  radio station FLOW-93.5 plays occasionally.

In my opinion the Michael Jackson influenced track has no business being on Unapologetic since the track doesn't really fit with the rest of the albums tracks. I think 'Nobody's Business' would have fit a lot better on Rihanna previous album Loud, which generally has a more uplifting and bubbly aura about it. Anyway the track is hot regaudless and if you haven't heard it yet then I recommend you listen to it now.

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