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Friday, January 18, 2013

New Music: Kelly Rowland - Kisses Down Low & Number One

Kelly Rowland is killin it! I've always favoured Kelly out of all the Destiny's Child girls because she has consistently brought nothing but amazing to the table whenever she releases new music. Her last album Here I Am (July 2011) was great from start to finish and now I'm super excited for the follow up album, Year Of The Woman.

So far two new tracks titled, 'Kisses Down Low' and 'Number One' have leaked from the upcoming project. Both of these songs share very similar sounding Mike WiLL's produced beats so its safe to assume one of these songs is probably a demo and won't make it to the final stages of Kelly's upcoming album.

Whatever the case is both of these songs are urban r&b and they sound current unlike some other artist who can't seem to stop living in the past with extremely dated sounding songs. Anyway check them both out below and just ignore

UPDATE: 'Kisses Down Low' has been confirmed as Kelly's next single. You can see the official single cover above.

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