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Friday, January 25, 2013

Music Video: Vita Chambers - Fix You

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So I've been hearing this song on the the radio for that past few days and I've obsessively tried to find out who sangs the song. I had a feeling she was Canadian and at one point I told my co-worker that I suspected the singer was Alyssa Reid but they quickly shot that down.

 So today Z103.5 played the track and I finally found out the singers name , which got me to do a little research. The singer is a 19 year Canadian (I was right) vocalist of Bajan (Barbados) descent named Vita Chambers and the songs is called 'Fix You', which I knew already due to the songs chorus.

According to Wikipedia she was discovered by the same team (SPR Records) responsible for giving Shontelle and Rihanna their musical start. Anyway check out Vita's awesome song a nd fresh new video below.

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