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Friday, January 25, 2013

Artist Promo: Introducing Cosmic Suckerpunch

Check out Los Angeles  rock band, Cosmic Suckerpunch and their single 'Cosmic', which they are giving away to their fans for free HERE. You can also stream the bands entire album Morning Glory via soundcloud.

After you're finished streaming their album check out their trippy and psychedelic music video for their retro sounding single 'Cosmic' and don't forget to download the 11 track album on iTunes as well.

01. Cosmic   
02. The Great Divide   
03. In Waves       
04.The Devil Song   
05. Black Hole   
06. Natural High   
07. War of One   
08. Useless Honey   
09.Time Machine   
10. In Love With a Robot   
11. Good Morning   

You can connect with the band through these websites below

Official Website 

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