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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Music: David Guetta ft. Che'Nelle - Titanium (Japanese Edition)

David Guetta has decided that the Japanese and the rest of the Asian music market deserved to feel the contempt that most of us, North Americans radio listeners experience on a daily basis. The torture and contempt I speak of is his overplayed song 'Titanium'

Well David G has re-made the song with Asian singer Che'Nelle and it pretty much sounds a lil better then the original (Sia voice is weird)  with but with Japanese parts.

P.S. God I hate this song so much!

Music Video: Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire (Japanese Exclusive Video)

New Music: Olivia ft. French Montana - I Do

Singer and Reality TV star, Olivia Longott has returned with a new classical sounding hip-hop tinged r&b cut called 'I Do' featuring rapper French Montana, which you can check out below.

New Music: Tweet - Enough

They say good things come to those who wait and I and many other have been waiting a long while for Tweet to release a new body of work . Well the wait is over because on Febuary 26th the Southern Hummingbird will release her new EP called, Simply Tweet and the first single to be released is her soulful ballad 'Enough', which you can check out below. Enoy!

New Music: Cassie ft. Trina & Lola Munroe - All Gold, All Girls

Cassie obviously believes in girl power and if you don't believe then just listen to her Trinidad James remix/cover of 'All Gold Everything' featuring Trina and Lola Munroe. Cassie estrogen pumped version is titled, 'All Gold, All Girls' and it will appear on her upcoming mixtape Rock-A-Bye Baby.

P.S. It should be noted that Cassie and friends have taken an awful song and turned it into something hot!

Artist Promo: Download J.Mars' New 2013 Album, After Lights

Today Delaware rapper, J. Mars has released his second project called, After Lights, which features 14 original tracks that you can stream below. You can also check out J. Mars' official Karllunz directed video for his Taz Taylor produced track, 'L&W' below as well.

After Lights Tracklist

01. Paper World
02.Kingdom Hearts
04.Black Lights Interlude
06.The Lake
07.Northern Lights
08.Stranger Revisited
09.Far Away
11.The Crazies
14.After Lights

Download J.Mars' dreamy and chill album After Light for free HERE & HERE.

Music Video: Jade Novah - Stay (Rihanna & Mikky Ekko Cover)

Jade Novah is at it again with the release of another hot cover/remake. This time the lovely singer has covered Rihanna's beautiful ballad 'Stay' but Jade has put her own shiver down your spine spin on the track. Jade makes the track her very own. Check out the video below and download your very own MP3 version for free HERE.

Music Video: Priyanka Chopra ft. - In My City

Indian actress, singer and Song writer Priyanka Chopra has released her video for her assisted track 'In My City'. Check out the upbeat and colourful video below.

New Music: Kimberly Wyatt (Formerly Of The Pussycat Dolls) - Derriere

(Pic Source:

Former Pussycat Doll and dancer extraordinaire, Kimberly Wyatt has decided to wade into the solo pool once again after leaving her last group Her Majesty & The Wolves.

Her new solo single is an urban pop cut called 'Derriere', which is french for your booty but yeah, french lessons aside the track is one of those songs that's suppose to make you get wild at the club. I'm honestly not to sure about the song and I might grow to really like it after a few more listens but as of now its just a 'meh' kind of song.

Artist Promo: Download Richard Osborne's R&B EP, Late Night Thoughts

British R&B singer/songwriter, Richard Osborne has released his 5 track sophomore EP Late Night Thoughts. Check out Richard's track 'Stay' from the EP, which you can download for free below.

Download Richard Osborne's sophome EP Late Night Thoughts HERE

Monday, January 28, 2013

New Music: Trina - Pour It Up

The "Baddest Bitch", Trina jumps on Rihanna's hood anthem 'Pour It Up' for an amazing remix that should be official in my opinion but God knows that will never happen since female artist regrettably tend to not work with each other (especially when they become super successful). If a remix is made RiRi will probably feature a bunch of male rappers like Eve did with her 'She Bad Bad' Remix.

Artist Promo: The Neighbourhood Cover and Mash-Up, Destiny's Child & Justin Timberlake

Almost everybody who listens to pop and r&b is feeling some form of nostalgia with The return of Justin Timberlake and the reuniting of Destiny's Child, and indie band The Neighbourhood are no exception.

The quintet band stopped by Radio1's Late Live Lounge on Thursday, January 24th and played a Destinys's Child and Justin Timberlake mash-up of both acts hits, 'Say My Name' and 'Cry Me A River'. Listen to the interesting and creative take on both songs below and tell me what you think.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Just For Laughs: Tumblr Pic

I don't know who made the picture and I can't remember what Tumblr page I even saw it on but whatever the case is its hella funny.

New Music: Alcia Keys - Brand New Me Part 2

Alicia Keys has decided to remake her song 'Brand New Me' with a more lively version dubbed Part 2, which samples Crystal Waters 'Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)'.

I much rather the original piano driven ballad version instead of this remixed version.

New Music: Iggy Azalea - Whatchu Lookin At

There is just something about Iggy's voice that I love. Anyway a new song titled 'Whatchu Lookin At' has surfaced to the web recently and I can't figure out whether its a  mixtape single or a stand-alone leaked track. Whatever the case is I'm always ready to hear new Iggy music.

Music Video: Mia Martina - Heartbreaker

CP Records songbird, Mia Martina has popped up with a fresh new music video for her song 'HeartBreaker'.

 I guess its safe to assume this single will be for her forthcoming sophomore project since this song does not appear on her debut album Devotion. I'm sure in the next few months all the details will be revealed but for now enjoy her heavy electronic dance floor ready song 'HeartBreaker'.

New Music: ft. Britney Spears, Diddy, Hit Boy, Waka Flocka Flame & Lil Wayne - Scream & Shout (Remix)

So in attempt to attract listeners of the urban genre, has teamed up with Hit Boy, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Wayne, and Diddy to remix his electronic pop song 'Scream & Shout'.

This remix is just noise and it could have been better if they just had the original song on the new beat. Its 2013 as well who the hell puts Diddy on their tracks still? He's utterly useless and all he adds to the song is extensive amounts of cursing! I Surprisingly didn't mind Waka Flocka's part that much so they should kick everybody else off the track and just leave Waka's verse.

P.S. Don't worry pseudo-thugs, Diddy makes sure to mention its the "Super Black Man" remix at least twice so you all can feel comfortable listening to a song that features Britney Spears.

New Music: Nikki Williams - Glowing

I finally found out who sings this song and the artist name is Nikki Williams and the song is called 'Glowing'. I thought she was a Canadian musician but she's American and other then that I don't got to much info on her except that I really like her song.

Music Video: Serena Ryder- Stompa

Music Video: Kat Deluna & Dr. Costi - Always On My Mind

Music Video: Colette Carr ft. Kev Nish - Why Are You Leaving?

Artist Promo: 2CELLOS ft. Naya Rivera - Supermassive Blackhole

This is the first time I've ever seen anything like this. European Cello playing duo aptly called 2CELLOS (Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser) cover pop songs but they only use their Cellos for the cover with the occasion assistance of a vocalist. For their Muse covered song 'Supermassive Black Hole' they're assisted by Naya Rivera from Glee. If you watch Glee (I glimpse it fleetingly) then you'll recognize her as the angry Lesbian cheerleader. Anyway check out the video below.

'Supermassive Black Hole' appear on the duo's sophomore album titled In2ition, which you can purchase on iTunes.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Music Video: Shvona Lavette - Brand New

Music Video: Ne-Yo ft. French Montana - Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself) Remix

Music Video: Marsha Ambrosius - Cold War

Artist Promo: Introducing Cosmic Suckerpunch

Check out Los Angeles  rock band, Cosmic Suckerpunch and their single 'Cosmic', which they are giving away to their fans for free HERE. You can also stream the bands entire album Morning Glory via soundcloud.

After you're finished streaming their album check out their trippy and psychedelic music video for their retro sounding single 'Cosmic' and don't forget to download the 11 track album on iTunes as well.

01. Cosmic   
02. The Great Divide   
03. In Waves       
04.The Devil Song   
05. Black Hole   
06. Natural High   
07. War of One   
08. Useless Honey   
09.Time Machine   
10. In Love With a Robot   
11. Good Morning   

You can connect with the band through these websites below

Official Website 

Music Video: Vita Chambers - Fix You

 (Pic Source:

So I've been hearing this song on the the radio for that past few days and I've obsessively tried to find out who sangs the song. I had a feeling she was Canadian and at one point I told my co-worker that I suspected the singer was Alyssa Reid but they quickly shot that down.

 So today Z103.5 played the track and I finally found out the singers name , which got me to do a little research. The singer is a 19 year Canadian (I was right) vocalist of Bajan (Barbados) descent named Vita Chambers and the songs is called 'Fix You', which I knew already due to the songs chorus.

According to Wikipedia she was discovered by the same team (SPR Records) responsible for giving Shontelle and Rihanna their musical start. Anyway check out Vita's awesome song a nd fresh new video below.

Artist Promo: New Dave Rap's Track - Real Niggas (Pro. By LVBeats)

Dave Raps has returned with his new sick LVBeats produced track 'Real Niggas', which will appear on his upcoming project In The Valley due later this year. Make sure you stay tuned for the February 1st video premiere but for now follow and tweet Dave @DaverapsiLL.


Artist TRAEDONYA AKA "Bride Of New Funk Hip Opera" will be releasing her debut digital EP High Fructose Corn Syrup very soon.

The Prohibition Entertainment artist has garnered quite the buzz with the release of her 'I'll Give It 2 U' single and 3 remixes that have achieved a collective of over 300 thousand views on YouTube.

Her forthcoming EP will feature 7 new tracks but for now you can get into her successful single 'I'll Give It 2 U' and the accompanying remixes below.

You can support TRAEDONYA by purchasing her single or any of the remixes via iTunes. You can also connect with the Bride Of New Funk Hip Opera through these various social medias.

Twitter: @traedonya


Music News: BARS 2.0: Episode #1

If your a hip-hop head and love hearing clever rhymes and fresh witty deliveries then BARS 2.0 is for you! BARS is an on-line series that debuted in 2008 and it  featured some of the dopest freestyles from upcoming emcees in New York. Four years later the series executive producer Donny Goines, CEO of Ink Different Inc., Artists.MTV ( and Co-Executive Producer Jake Hart joined forces to bring BARS 2.0 which is nationwide this time around. Excutive producer Donny Goines had this to say about the artist that appear on BARS series.

 “You can’t buy your way on BARS. Your record label cannot secure an appearance on this series. All talent is handpicked by myself at my sole discretion. The word ‘bars’ to me means lyricism, clever wordplay, and amazing punchlines and as an emcee myself, I will continue the tradition of hip-hop I was raised on."

 If you are interested in appearing or would like to know more information about the series, please contact Sanchay Singhal at

Music Video: Nicole Scherzinger - Boomerang

A 'Boomerang' is exactly what Ms. Scherzinger is. They toss her away but she returns right back with just a much momentum and enthusiasm as before. As is the case with her effervescent and empowering new single 'Boomerang' off of her forthcoming untitled (for the moment) album. Check out the visually captivating piece below.

Yes 'Boomerang'  is kind of generic but I actually like the song and the video but maybe I'm being biased since I'm quite fond of Nicole. Its definitely not amazing comeback material but its not as terrible as Justin Timberlake's 'Suit & Tie'.

P.S. Last time I checked Britney Spears did not invent the visual effects of cloning one self in a music video (See's. 'Scream & Shout' ) and if critics wish to bring up that argument that Nicole's 'Boomerang' video is copying Spears then one only needs to mention that Rihanna did it before both of them in her 'Where Have You Been' video. Now who's copying who? Damn Britney STANs!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Artist Promo: Pam Tillis & Kris Thomas - Two Kings (Martin Luther King & Elvis Tribute)

Martin Luther King Jr. was an activist of peace and equality during some of the darker times of American history. Times where you weren't even allowed to enter certain establishments based on your skin color. Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day and to celebrate the birth of this amazing man singers Pam Tillis and Kris Thomas joined forces to release their song and video 'Two Kings', which pays respects to Martin Luther King Jr and Elvis Watch and enjoy below.

Friday, January 18, 2013

New Music: Aaliyah - Quit Hatin'

A new extremely unfinished sounding and overproduced track from Aaliyah leaked to the web a few days ago (Jan 16th). The song is called 'Quit Hatin' and no one sure if its connected to that abominable Drake produced, posthumous album that has not received any of Aaliyah's direct family's blessings but it seems likely that it is.

The song is kind of all over the place and at some points you can barely hear Aaliyah's soft vocals because of everything that's going on with the heavy drum beat. I'm not going to lie though, the song would be kind of good if they simplified the beat and cut back on some of the drums and other sounds.

Music Video: George Nozuka - Don't Go

Up and till now I was unaware that Toronto native, George Nozuka was working on new music but apparently he has and on January 7th he released his sophomore r&b based album, Beautiful, which is on sale now on iTunes. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that George, released a music video for his lead single 'Don't Go', which you can watch below.


01. Beautiful (ft. Jackie Boyz)    
02. Runaway    
03. Up to You    
04. Invasion    
05. Haunted (ft. Riff Raph)    
06. Don't Go    
07. Unexplainable    
08. Two Broken Hearts    
09. I'm iLL     

10. You Are the Reason    
11. It's Love That's All    
12. Do You Remember    
13. Back to Life    
14. Boom Boom Boom    
15. End All Be All 

 Bonus: Remember his dope songs/music videos for his singles 'Last Time' and 'Lie To Me' back in 2007 from his debut album Believe? If not watch em below.

Don't forget to buy a copy of George's new album Beautiful on iTunes.

Music News: Check Out Andreena's New Cover Series, Hip-Hop Chronicles

Canadian singer Andreena is still working on her upcoming mixtape, Naked but if your feeling impatient then you'll be happy to know that she has been working on an online series titled the Hip-Hop Chronicles, which see's the talented singe rupload a cover of a hip-hop song every Thursday at 5:00 pm on her YouTube page.

 Check Out her three Hip-Hop Chronicles series installments so far, which consist of Future's 'Turn Off The Lights', Trinidad James 'All Gold Everything', and Kendrick Lamar's 'Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe'. Check her covers out below.

BONUS: Andreena also released an original track called 'Crazy Love' that I never got around to posting last year so if you haven't heard the track yet then check it out here and follow Andreena on Twitter @andreenamusic.

New Music: Alex Gaudino ft. JRDN - Playing With My Heart

Canadian singer JRDN jumps on Italian DJ, Alex Gaudino's electronic house beat for their collaboration, 'Playing With My Heart', which I assume is set to appear on the DJ/producers sophomore album, Magnificent.Check out the club ready track below.

New Music: Georgia Reign ft. Raheem DeVaughn - Feel Like A Woman (Prod. By Adonis Shropshire)

Atlanta seems to be the focal point for upcoming hot talent and if you don't believe me then do some research, which you can start here with up and coming singer/songwriter Georgia Reign's new song 'Feel Like A Woman (Remix)' featuring Raheem DeVaughn.

The grown and sexy 'Feel Like A Woman', produced by Grammy award winning producer Adonis Shropshire is set to appear on Georgia's forthcoming mixtape, Dope Boyz Love Me due this year.

Music Video: Jharee Stephens - 4 Page Letter (Aaliyah Cover)

Kris Stephens isn't the only singer with Stephens as their last name to pay tribute to Aaliyah. Sixteen year old Atlanta Georgia singer and songwriter, Jharee Stephens also made a hot cover of Aaliyah's cool song '4 Page Letter'. Watch the video below.

Follow Jharee Stephens on Twitter @JhareeStephens

New Music: Kris Stephens - One In A Million (Aaliyah Cover)

I first saw and heard of Kris Stephens on T.I. and Tank's song/music video, 'Compliments'. I remember writing "Who is Kris Stephens? She sounds promising" on that post (see post here).

Well on January 16th (Aaliyah's birthday) I found out who Kris Stephens is via She's an upcoming R&B artist jointly signed by T.I. and Tank. Check out her hot cover of the late Aaliyah's 'One In A Million'

P.S. Make sure you get to the 2:40 mark because the arrangment there is dope.

New Music: Kelly Rowland - Kisses Down Low & Number One

Kelly Rowland is killin it! I've always favoured Kelly out of all the Destiny's Child girls because she has consistently brought nothing but amazing to the table whenever she releases new music. Her last album Here I Am (July 2011) was great from start to finish and now I'm super excited for the follow up album, Year Of The Woman.

So far two new tracks titled, 'Kisses Down Low' and 'Number One' have leaked from the upcoming project. Both of these songs share very similar sounding Mike WiLL's produced beats so its safe to assume one of these songs is probably a demo and won't make it to the final stages of Kelly's upcoming album.

Whatever the case is both of these songs are urban r&b and they sound current unlike some other artist who can't seem to stop living in the past with extremely dated sounding songs. Anyway check them both out below and just ignore

UPDATE: 'Kisses Down Low' has been confirmed as Kelly's next single. You can see the official single cover above.

Music Video: Ashlee Simpson - Bat For A Heart

I've never been an Ashlee Simpson fan and I can honestly count the amount of songs that I like from her on one hand. 'Bat For A Heart' is her new 2013 single and it unfortunately won't be added to the list of material that I like from her.

The video is pretty boring and the song is equally boring. I don't know if any one else has noticed this about a lot of musicians images recently but there has been a rise in this so-called new-age faux-indie look that so many musicians  have adopted. I'm guessing its their sad attempt to blend in with this generations major buyers who frequently haunt the web on sites like Tumblr and Instagram. Dear I call them emo hipsters or whatever the hell they call themselves but you can clearly see that Ashlee's trying to pander her music to that crowd by making this dreary vulgar mess.

Wow 2013 seems to be shaping up to be a year of bad come backs.

Music Video: INNA - More Than Friends

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Music: Lil' Kim - Pop That Coochie

"First rap bitch to rock Chanel!"
I remember the first lyrics that I ever remembered was to a Lil Kim track, which is kind of disturbing when you actually listen to Queen Bee's explicit lyrics but anyway since then I've had an affinity to hip-hop royalty.

So I was more then excited to hear her new track 'Pop That Coochie', which I'm sure will have tons of booties twerkin in the clubs and deservedly so since the song is hot and yes Lil' Kim is reminding all her critics/rivals that before your fave did she already done it.

Old But Gold: Happy Birthday Aaliyah

Today is the birth date of talented r&b/pop musician Aaliyah so what better way to honor the late singer then remembering her outstanding accomplishments from the past.

Aaliyah debuted in 1994 with her first album Age Ain't Nothing But A Number, which was heavily connected to her mentor at the time, R-Kelly.

I must admit I overlooked most of her debut era and truly started to become interested in Aaliyah after her groundbreaking 1996 sophomore album One In A Million, which was mainly written and produced by my favourite artist at the time Timbaland and Missy Elliot. The trio made golden and futuristic music that stood out from the rest of the r&b pack.

Aaliyah quickly rose as my favourite vocalist after hearing her sexy slow burner, 'One In A Million'. The combination of Timbaland's amazing beat making and Aaliyah's smooth silky vocals completely blew me away and to this day continue to. Below are a list of a few of my favourite standout Aaliyah tracks from the 90's.

Aaliyah - One In A Million (1997 - One in a Million)

Aaliyah ft. Ginuwine - One In A Million (1997 - Sprung soundtrack)

Missy Elliot ft. Aaliyah - My Best Friend (1997 - Supa Dupa Fly)

Aaliyah - Hot Like Fire (Album Version) (1997 - One in a Million)

Aaliyah - Hot Like Fire (Timbaland Groove Mix) (1997 - One in a Million)*My Favourite Aaliyah song*

Aaliyah - If Your Girl Only Knew (1996 - One in a Million)

Aaliyah - 4 Page Letter (1997 - One in a Million)

Nas ft. Aaliyah - You Won't See Me Tonight (1999 - I Am...)

Music Video: Dawn Richard - 86

Music Video: Ester Dean - Bam Bam

Music Video: Bobby V ft. K. Michelle - Put It In

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Music Video: Bryan J - Werkin' It

Music Video: Tyra B, Dondria & Bliss - I Just Died

Singers Tyra B, Dondria, and girl group, Bliss have teamed up to cover Amerie's track 'I Just Died'.  I don't know how this awesome collaboration came about but these girls killed it and I honestly prefer their version to the original Amerie version.

Bonus: Check out the original version by Amerie below from her debut album, All I Have (2002). 

Which version do you like better?

Monday, January 14, 2013

I FORGOT: Review Of 2012: Leftover Stuff

So I forgot to post these songs and video in my Favorite and BEST material of 2012 reviews and I didn't think it was fair that these songs didn't get the credit they deservered so Here are the three songs that I couldn't just ignore and leave off my list of 2012.

Demi Lovato - Give Your Heart A Break

Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch - Sweet Nothings

I completely forgot to add Elle Varner's beautiful video for her smooth love song 'I Don't Care', which I advise every one to watch. This video is the reason I even did this post because I wasn't about to let 2012 go by with out giving this video and song the shout out it deserves so enjoy my late additions to my 2012 reviews.

Elle Varner - I Don't Care

If you wish to see my full reviewsand countdowns of 2012 then click the links below.

BEST Songs
BEST/WORST Albums/Mixtapes
BEST Music Videos

Artist Promo: Get Familiar With Lunatic and Both Of His Mixtapes

A-Town is in the house! Rapper, Daniel Oliver A.K.A. Lunatic has recently released his sophomore mixtape titled, Lethal Injection, which contains 13 original tracks.

His track 'Kool On' featuring fellow artist, Vinny Vitto is being labeled as a street anthem. Check it out below.

Like what you hear? Then download Lunatic's debut 16 track mixtape, Fast Life Vol. 1 and download his sophomore mixtape, Letal Injection, which houses his track 'Kool On' (via

Follow Lunatic on twitter @DaRealLunatic10

Artist Promo: Download Jay Mula's Mixtape, The Take Off

Newbie Brooklyn rapper, Jay Mula has been paving a way for himself with the release of his DJ Big Mike hosted mixtape, The Take Off, which features his buzz single 'Hear Me Though' produced by Smokey. Check out the GATOR 8 FILMS directed video, which was filmed in Jay's city Brooklyn.

If you are a fan of Jay's and like what you heard then you can download his mixtape, The Take Off HERE via
If you just want his single 'Hear Me Though' then you can download a explicit version or a clean version.

You can also connect with Jay Mula at these other social networks and websites below.

Twitter : @ladieslovemula
Instagram : @iamjaymula

Artist Promo: Anna Rose - Electric Child + My Body Is A Cage

Soulful rock belle, Anna Rose is at it again with the release of her new track, 'Electric Child' off of her forthcoming sophomore album, Behold A Pale Horse. Check out the bluesy rock tinged track below and get into Anna Roses soulful voice below.

Anna Rose has also covered Canadian band Arcade Fires 'My Body Is A Cage' and has released her very own haunting music video to accompany the cover. I won't pretend that I've ever heard the original version but I'm going to check it out after watching and listening to Anna Roses haunting rendition.

Anna Rose - "My Body Is A Cage" from The MuseBox on Vimeo.

Anna Rose has also been a confirmed as a  performer at the 2013 Canadian Music Week. For more information you can coonect with Anna at these various websites.


Music Video: Medina - Boring

New Music: Destiny's Child - Nuclear

Destiny's Child has re-united for one new track titled 'Nuclear', which will appear on their upcoming compilation album, Love Songs, which only features one new track.

'Nuclear' was definitely not what I was expecting but I was a pleasantly surprised none the less. The track is sleek and current sounding even though it has some older sounding elements to it. I can get down to this so they get a thumbs up from me. I hope they make a music video as well because them just appearing together again would be epic.

New Music: Ciara - Wake Up, No Make-Up

CiCi drops a hot new urban track, which will feature on her label mate, Futures upcoming mixtape, Future Presents F.B.G.: The Movie.

'Wake Up, No Make-Up' has this grimy or gutta as one would say vibe to it and I could picture Gucci Mane or Waka Flocka Flame dropping a verse on the unfinished sounding track. Check it out below.