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Monday, December 31, 2012

Review Of 2012: BEST/WORST Albums/Mixtapes Of 2012

When the clock strikes 12:00 AM tonight a new year will begin so before that happens I want to do one more "Review Of 2012" post. So lets start off with the BEST albums (in my opinion) of 2012.

The BEST Albums Of 2012

Carly Rae Jepsen - Kiss

This BC native made waves in the pop music world with her infectious track 'Call Me Maybe', which turned Carly into a household name. The best part about Carly is she's no one hit wonder. Her first international selling album, Kiss, is filled with 80's tinged bubble gum pop tracks that are just as good as 'Call Me Maybe'.

My Fave Tracks:

- I Know You Have A Girlfriend
- Kiss
- Wrong Feels So Right
- Turn Me Up
- Curiosity (Kiss Remix)

Kreesha Turner - Tropic Electric

Exotic looking Canadian singer Kreesha Turner proves that you can have the best of both worlds if you want. Tropic Electric is a mix of contemporary dance pop music and dance-hall Jamaican music. The album is completely different and innovative and also shows that artist of West Indian heritage don't have to disown their roots to recive mainstream success.

My Fave Tracks:

- I Feel My Darling
- I Could Stay
- Krypotonite
- Rock, Paper, Scissors
- Killer In The club
- Don't Leave Me Now

Cheryl - A Million Lights

Former X Factor judge and Girls Aloud alumni, Cheryl Cole released her third album, A Million Lights, which put her on my radar. Before this album I honestly didn't pay her or her former girl group much attention but after listening to A Million Lights I've gained a new respect for her as a recording artist. I won't be so quick to overlook and dismiss her again.

My Fave Tracks:

- Call My Name
- Craziest Things ft.
- Ghetto Baby
- Sexy Den A Mutha
- Telescope
- Teddy Bear
- All Is Fair
- Boys Lie
- Dum Dum

Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (The Re-Up)

Hate her or love her! I can never seem to decide. Anyway I'm pretty sure this post will loose all credibility to my fellow music critics for saying this but I thoroughly enjoyed Nicki Minaj's sophomore projects with the exception of 'Stupid Hoe' and 'Roman Holiday'. Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded is a delicious blend of sweet pop tracks with a hint of cayenne and a few overlooked rap tracks. Many critics claimed the album wasn't street enough and that she disowned her roots to sell out. As far as I see it, hood mixtape Nicki would've never gotten to where she is now without her experimenting in the pop genre.

My Fave Tracks:

- Beautiful Sinner
-  I Am Your Leader ft. Cam'ron & Rick Ross
- Fire Burns
-  Right By My Side
- I Endorse These Strippers ft. Tyga & Brinx
- Va Va Voom
- Whip It
- Pound The Alarm
- Turn Me On
- Gun Shots ft. Beenie Man
- The Boys ft. Cassie
- Masquerade 
- Freedom
- Automatic

Rita Ora - ORA

Roc Nations newest artist on the block is Rita Ora. They've made no secret that they've been grooming this British song bird to be the next big thing. I will say her debut album, ORA wasn't a fall in love at first listen thing for me but after awhile the album definitely grew on me.

My Fave Tracks:

- Roc The Life
- R.I.P. ft Tinie Tempah
- Radioactive
- Fall In Love ft.
- Hello, Hi, Goodbye
- Facemelt (I wish this intro track was a full song)

The Yes Ma'ams - Taste Test

I just recently found out about The Yes Ma'ams but after hearing their debut EP they quickly rocketed to the top of my BEST Albums/Mixtapes of 2012. To sum up the EP think of Prince, Vanity 6,and Electrik Red. So its a sassy fusion of retro dance and urban-electronic-dance.

My Fave Tracks:

- Vanessa
- What Girls Are Made Of
-  Only If I Say So
- Got A Problem

Download Taste Test HERE

Shanell - Nobody's Bitch

D.Woods sister and Young Money singer, Shanell has been releasing mixtapes with no sign of a studio album but why should I or her other fans complain she's giving us free music via mixtapes, which are better then most of her fellow artist pay for albums. If you like contemporary R&B then you'll love Shanell's Nobody's Bitch' mixtape.

My Fave Tracks:

- F*ck Me Daddy
- Just For The Night
- These Hoes Is Winnin ft. Too Short
- On The One
- Last Time ft. Busta Rhymes
- You
- Love Is A Losing Game

Download Nobody's Bitch HERE

Rihanna - Unapologetic

I can hardly believe that 7 years and 7 albums have passed since Rihanna hit the music scene. RiRi's seventh and first US #1 album, Unapologetic, is undeniably one of the best album of the year in my humble opinion. Rihanna shows growth as a musicians with more emotionally mature sounding tracks and lyrics but she doesn't make an entire Adele snooze fest piano album. Her rebellious I.D.G.A.F attitude makes many appearances on certain tracks.

My Fave Tracks:

The Entire Album but if I must choose then
- Phresh Off The Run Way
- Diamonds
-Numb ft. Eminem (She's so amazing that she actually got me to like a song with Eminem as a feature)
- Pour It Up
- Jump
- What Now
- Stay ft. Mikky Ekko
- Nobody's Buisness ft. Chris Brown
-  Love Without Tragedy / Mother Mary
- Lost In Pradise
- Half Of Me

WORST Albums Of 2012

Tulisa - Female Boss

The entiire album is made up of album fillers and nothing about it is catchy or exceptional.

The Only Good Tracks:

- Young
- Live Your Life
- Sight Of You

Ke$ha - Warrior

The album was just a miss to me... Not much else to say honestly

The Only Good Tracks:

- Supernatural
 - C'mon
- Die Young

Madonna - MDNA

After Madonna's Superbowl performance and after all the hype and sparkles faded away you realize your left with a pretty terrible album named after a drug.

The Only Good Tracks:

- I'm Addicted
- Girl Gone Wild
- Give Me All Your Luvin' ft. Nicki Minaj & M.I.A.

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