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Friday, December 28, 2012

New Music: Download The Yes Ma'am's Debut Mixtape, "Taste Test"

Just before the end of 2012 I discovered a new girl group while surfing through various Tumblr pages. The totally amazing group is called The Yes Ma'ams and they consist of Secret, Privacy, and Slander (from left to right).

The group released their debut  delicious EP called, Taste Test and the 12 tracks are a blend of urban electronic, funk, dance, and r&b that have a 80's Prince-esque flair. If you are a fan of Vanity 6/Apollonia 6,  Nikki 16, or Electrik Red then you'll definitely love The Yes Ma'ams sultry and fun EP, Taste Test. Check out their music video for their single 'What Girls Are Made Of' below.

Another notable track is their suggestive and sexy track 'Vanessa', which has a pounding electronic beat over sensual lyrics about a certain part of the female anotomy. Check it out below.

Taste Test Tracklist

01. Intro
02. Firestarter
03. Vanessa
04. Drunk Sex (interlude)
05. Current Affair
06. What Girls Are Made Of
07. Only If I Say So
08. Right There (interlude)
09. Believe Dat
10. Got A Problem
11. Light Up The Night
12. Vanessa (Extended Wet Mix) (Bonus)

I know I'm late to the party as usual but I know their has to be some other people out who had no clue that such an awesome girl group existed and if your one of those people then download, Taste Test HERE and don't forget to visit the girls website HERE.

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