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Friday, November 30, 2012

New Music: Alicia Keys - Brand New Me

Alicia Keys second single from her new album, Girl On Fire (released Nov 22nd 2012), will be her empowering piano ballad, 'Brand New Me'.

I actually really like 'Brand New Me' and I personally think its a lot better then her lead single 'Girl On Fire'.

Artist Promo: The Neighbourhood Releases A New Music Video

I've written about Californian band , The Neighbourhood in the past (read post HERE) and I once again present you with a new post about the bands release of their new music video 'Let It Go'. The music video premiered exclusively through VEVO on November 27th on the bands very own channel.

In the gloomy black and white video, a stepford wife from the 50's-60's era seems to be internally suffering and having some sort of psychological break down while on the outside she stays composed and demure.  Check the video out below.

'Let It Go' appears on the bands EP I'm Sorry..., which you can download via iTunes. Don't miss the band on tour either at these dates and locations.





New Music: Rihanna - Pour It Up

 It appears bad gyal, RiRi will be releasing 2 new singles from her #1 album, Unapologetic. Apparently 'Stay' will be released to mainstream Top 40's radio stations while her urban club banger 'Pour It Up' will get rotation on hip-hop and r&b stations. If you haven't heard Rihanna's devil may care attitude on her new track 'Pour It Up' then I suggest you check it out. The song is in full blast braggart/cockiness mode without a hint of regret as Rihanna states that "still got my money" over Juicy J's stripper anthem 'Bandz A Make Her Dance'.

New Music: Shanell ft. Busta Rhymes - Last Time

Shanell has decided to release a new single from  her, Nobody's Bitch mixtape (Download HERE). The song of choice to receive the single treatment happens to be, 'Last Time' featuring Busta Rhymes.

'Last Time' is one of the best songs off the whole mixtape and the simple and yet eerie and beat flows perfectly with Shanell's pleading vocals. My only complaint is that Busta Rhymes verse is a lil too explicit and I'm sure it'd make the day time hooker on the corner of my street blush to hear such x rated language.

New Music: Rihanna - Stay

Unapologetic Bajan babe, Rihanna has decided that her first U.S. #1 album's, next single will be another slow ballad called 'Stay', which she first performed on SNL earlier this year.

'Stay' is a beautiful song like all of Rihanna's emotional ballad off of, Unapolegeti but we all know how I am about ballads and slow tempo tracks. All I'm saying is she better release a video for 'Jump', 'Fresh Off The Runway', and 'Numb' before she ends all promotion for this album. As any avid Rihanna fans know by now, Rihanna releases a new albums once a year and unfortunately this leaves very little time to adequately promote singles before she has moved onto to the next album. A perfect example of this was her Talk That Talk final single 'Cockiness', which was performed at the MTV awards once and then was quickly ignored to promote Unapologetic's 'Diamonds'.

Bonus: Check out her controversial SNL performance of 'Diamonds' as well, which received a lot of negative attention (Azealia Banks' video 'Atlantis' did as well) because of the 3-D backgrounds, which are claimed to be done by web designer/web artist Jerome LOL I guess when LaChapelle sued RiRi over her 'S&M' video she still never got the hint about paying credit and asking for permission before using other work!

P.S. Unapologetic is definitely going on my favourite album list for my end of the year/New Years post

Music Video: ft. Britney Spears - Scream & Shout

Two days ago during X Factor U.S. debuted his music video for his latest #Willpower (scheduled for 2013 release) single, 'Scream & Shout' featuring pop icon Britney Spears. If you watched the exclusive X Factor premiere you'd have realized that the video wasn't aired in full. Well thanks to VEVO you can watch the clean cut full length video below.

The futuristic video is pretty good and my only complaint would have to be the redundant use of product placement but other then that the song is hot and the video served it purpose quite well.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Music: ft. Britney Spears - Scream And Shout

Britney Spear's deluded and psychotic stans have been waiting forever to finally sink their press on claws into's new track 'Scream And Shout' since it was announced that their Queen and God would be featured on his new album #Willpower. 

The song is hot but lately, has been very consistent with the release of exceptional music and yes I did enjoy Britney's parts of the song even though they were extremely short and vocally sounded nothing like her.

If I'm correct next Wednesday Britney will premiere the official video on X Factor so make sure you tune in to see it. Also check out this teaser below so you can get a taste of what's to come.

If Britney decides to ever perform this song live she'll have no need to lip-sync/mime during this performance since she's literally just talking and not actually singing. I find it funny as well that Will has given Britney the official feature treatment for this song but opted out on properly crediting, Kat Graham for her much more complex vocal contribution to his song 'Got It From My Mama'. In Hollywood its all about the name you've got behind you.

New Music: Cher - Woman's World

The timeless diva,Cher has returned to the music floor with her dance floor ready track 'Woman's World' off of her forthcoming 26th studio album due in January 2013. The blatant female empowerment track will be Cher's first solo song in eleven years.

I'm glad, Cher is showing that she is still one of Pop music icons that won't let age get in the way of doing what she loves.

Music Video: Artist Against Bullying - True Colors

If I'm correct October was Anti-Bullying Awareness Month and with recent cyber-bullying cases that ended tragically (Amanda Todd)  in the news of late, a group of Canadian recording artist (Jacob Hoggard, Lights, Pierre Bouvier, Fefe Dobson, Kardinal Offishall, Alyssa Reid, and Walk Off The Earth) have decided to cover Cyndi Lauper's hit 'True Colors' to show their support for the anti-bullying movement.

Music Video: Jessica Lee - Beautiful

Artist Promo: Magg-1 - Don't Cha (NY Street Mix)

Brooklyn rapper Magg-1, unexpectedly takes The Pussycat Dolls of all groups, song 'Don't Cha' and remixes the track into a  G'd up masculine version. Whats even more surprising is Magg-1 makes the song all his own  and its actually a good track. If you don't believe me check it out below.

For more releases from Magg-1 check out his YouTube page HERE or for more mixtapes. You can also download his track 'Don't Cha'  for FREE HERE.

Artist Promo: Caktuz ft. Bird - Anti

Looking for an angst riddled track that makes you want to move? Then look no further  because I've got just the rebellious song for from rapper, Caktuz and singer, Bird (Blaque Bird) called 'Anti'.

The  Roman-Gavras directed the video is gritty and angry, which matches the whole vibe the Kokayi produced track , 'Anti' gives off.

I know that the people in the videos are actors but the disturbing part about this video is their are actually punk kids like this who have nothing but contempt for themselves and their fellow man. They terrorize their neighborhoods and do such vile things. The actors in the video are so good that it almost makes the video unwatchable at certain scenes. 

'Anti' will appear on Caktuz's upcoming third album, How To Dress Well for Suicide, which will drop on New Years, January 1st, 2013. For more information on Caktuz, hit up his official website

Artist Promo: Get Familiar With Ginger And The Ghost

Australian experimental indie pop duo, Ginger and The Ghost are an excitingly fresh  from what you'd hear on the mainstream radio stations and if you don't believe me you should check out their track 'One Type Of Dark' and their visually enticing and colourful video for their debut song 'Where Wolf'.

The duo are very interesting, refreshingly different, and very creative from the typical music that one would expect to come across while looking for new music.

Artist Promo: Continental Five - Big sent me this track titled 'Big' from Queens, New York, rapper named Continental Five. If  your into real hood rap then this song is for you.

Music Video: Victoria Duffield ft. Cody Simpson - They Don't Know About Us

Music Video: Ashley Roberts (Formerly Of The Pussycat Dolls) - Yesterday

Another blonde girl group member has spread her wings and has gone solo (see previous post of Shannon Bex) but in this case I'm glad that the former Pussycat Doll, Ashley Roberts has gone solo with the official release of her first solo single and music video, 'Yesterday'.

The Pussycat Dolls were never really a a girl group per say so when they collapsed it wasn't as earth shattering as when Danity Kane fell apart. So for Shannon Bex's case I pray that she re-unites with Aubrey, Dawn, Aundrea, and  D.Woods hastily but for Ashley Roberts case Its better if she stay solo so people can actually see that she's more then Nicole Scherzingers back up dancer. This of course doesn't mean I'm not excited for the new line up of  the Dolls though.

Music Video: Shannon Bex (Formerly Of Danity Kane) - I'm Out

Am I rotten for hoping that all the former Danity Kane members fail at their solo efforts so that they are forced to reunite as Danity Kane once more?

Anyway all hopeful wishes aside, Shannon Bex has released her first solo music video for her new Country solo single 'I'm Out'.

I'm no Country music fan and I'd prefer if she was making Urban Pop but a girls got to get in where she fits in I guess.

Music Video: Sean Kingston ft. Cher Lloyd - Rum And Raybans

Music Video: Anjulie - You & I

Trouble is what Canadian singer, Anjulie gets into in her new video for her Benny Benassi produced single 'You & I'.

Anjulie and her model boyfriend seem like a regular young couple except for the fact that they rob a convenient store and our now on the run.Check it all out below.

Music Video: Ellie Goulding - Figure 8

Music Video: Shawn Desman - Dum Da Dum

Canadian Pop sensation, Shawn Desman has finally released the music video for his second single, 'Dum Da Dum' off of his upcoming album, Alive. Check it out below.

Artist Promo: J.Mars ft. Chill Moody - Kingdom Hearts

Rapper, J. Mars has returned with a new track titled 'Kingdom Hearts' off of his forthcoming project, After Life, due in December.

 J.Mars works with production duo Corn-Mill and fellow Philadelphia rapper, Chill Moody, on this track. Check it out below

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Music Video: Trey Sonz - Never Again

Music Video: Big Boi ft. Kelly Rowland - Mama Told Me

Music Video: Future ft. Kelly Rowland - Neva End (Remix)

Music Video: Nicki Minaj - Freedom

On November 19th Nicki Minaj released her re-release album titled the Re-Up off of her second album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and her lead single from the revamped album was her self reflecting song 'Freedom'. Check out the scenic black and white music video below.

Bonus: The Re-Up features 7 new songs (see tracklist below) and my personal favourite track is the vulgar exotic dancer anthem 'I Endorse These Strippers'. Check it out below.

The Re-Up Tracklist (Only New Songs listed)

 1. Up in Flames
 2. Freedom
 3. Hell Yeah  ft. Parker
4. High School ft. Lil Wayne
 5. I’m Legit ft. Ciara
 6. I Endorse These Strippers ft. Tyga & Thomas Brinx
 7. The Boys ft. Cassie

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Music Video: Kelly Clarkson - Catch My Breath

Music Video: Music Video: Ludacris ft. Usher & David Guetta - Rest Of My Life

Yuck! This sounds like some crap Pitbull would make!

New Music: Ke$ha - C'Mon

"If it ain't broke don't fix it"!
 That anecdote perfectly describes Ke$ha's second single 'C'Mon' from her sophomore album Warrior (November 30th).

 'C'Mon' sounds like we've heard it already when she debuted her first album but I'm not complaining because the catchy electronic dance pop track is actually extremely catchy.

 The songs lyrics are the typical shallow content that one would expect from anything on the Top 40's/mainstream radio (drinking, sex, partying, etc) but I like my pop music fun and vapid so this is right in my lane.

 Warrior looks like it will follow her debut album Animal and her EP, Cannibal, formula, which is great because I liked both those bodies of work.

Ke$ha has found her niche and I say stick with it or you could end up like a certain musically inconsistent talent show judge who's comeback album is slated to flop like her previous album did. We all know who I'm talking about LOL

New Music: Ke$ha ft. Juicy J, Becky G, Wiz Khalifa - Die Young (Rap Remix)

Ke$ha has given her first offering 'Die Young' from her sophomore album, Warrior (November 30th release), an amazing urban re-working featuring Juicy J, Becky G, and Wiz Khalifa. Check out the remix below and tell me what you think? I actually like this version better then the original, which is surprising.

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Music: Rihanna ft. Kanye West - Diamonds (Official Remix)

I don't know who told "Yeezy" to jump on this beautiful, Rihanna song and utterly ruin the first minute and forty five seconds with his nonsensical and irrelevant babbling  that has nothing to do with what 'Diamonds' is even about but to each is own.

Music Video: 50 Cent ft. Too Short - First Date

Music Video: Joe Jonas - All This Time

Music Video: Diamond - American Woman + The Thirst

I completely missed posting Diamond's music videos for her mixtape, Young Life, singles 'American Woman' ft. Verse Simmonds and 'The Thirst'. Check both videos out below and to download Diamond's . Young Life mixtape  click HERE.

New Music: Download Travis Garland's EP, "Fashionably Late"

I first came across singer Travis Garland while listening to JoJo's mixtape, Can't Take That Away From Me (2010) and their other collaboration for their song 'Paint'. I know he's been around way before his JoJo collaborations but I was unfamiliar with any of his work at that time.

He's currently recording his  first major record label (Interscope) studio album, which is yet to be titled but for now long time fans and new fans (like me) can download a free 4 track EP titled, Fashionably Late below.


01. Fall In Lust
02. Abby Lee (My personal favourite)

03. Didn't Stand A Chance
04.  Feel feat. Three McDaniel

Download Fashionably Late HERE and check out Travis' YouTube page HERE.

BONUS: Check out Travis' hot cover of Taylor Swift amazing song 'We Are Never Getting Back Together' (Download HERE) and Bruno Mars' 'Locked Out Of Heaven' (Download HERE).

Artist Promo: Introducing Child Prodigy, Heather Russell

This is a must hear/read! Yesterday, 12 year old (Yes, I said 12 year old)  Heather Russell released a cover video of Alicia Keys inspirational song 'Girl On Fire' and she did a superb job.

Her vocal ability blew me away completely and one would never expect a 12 year old to have such control of their voice but yet Heather does and might I add is better then some adults I've heard. She's truly blessed with an amazing talent.

According to her bio she learned to play the Piano by the age of 8 and she produces and writes music as well. She has written 60 songs and 40 of them have been produced. She has also  worked with Simon Cowell and recently she has written a song for Jimmy Iovine for Interscope Records. Not to mention that she has worked with Grammy artist and by the age of ten she completed a 5 year classical music course in a year. I'd say its pretty safe to say that Heather is truly meant to be a musician.

Watch her 'Girl On Fire' cover below and get ready to be pleasantly surprised.

For more information on Heather check out her official website, her YouTube page, and follow her on Twitter at

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Music Video: Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne - Ice

Kelly premired her chilling track 'Ice' months ago but regardless of that the song still remains fresh and a top contender for one of the best songs of the year.. 

In the video, Kelly vamps it up, flaunting her sexuality to the fullest and fortunately the sexy atmosphere wasn't dampened at all thanks to the lack of Lil Wayne making an appearance in the video for his verse.

As much as Wayne's verse makes me laugh, he's totally necessary to the song and the lack of his appearance in the video further proves this point but yeah all of that aside the video is really  sensual. I will admit I'm not a fan of the bowl cut but Kelly still maintained her sexy with that sultry choreography.

Check out Kelly's lead single/video from her forthcoming fourth album, Year Of The Woman below.

Music Video: Chrisette Michele - Charade

Chrisette Michele's song , 'Charade' is so dope and I'm glad the music video version doesn't include 2 Chainz like the mixtape version (Audrey Hepburn mixtape due December 8).

"Charades' is 10X better without 2 Chainz feeble attempts at rapping! Like, I still don't see the big hype surrounding this guy. He raps very poorly in my opinion and he suddenly changes his name from Tity Boi to 2 Chainz and every one acts like he's the new kid on the block.

I swear rappers are like buses with their flavor of the month crap. A new one comes along every few months and replaces the last one.

Music Video: Omarion -

Monday, November 12, 2012

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Music Video: Daley ft. Jessie J - Remember Me

This song is FIRE and Jessie J looks so much better this way! Please, Jessie, stay this way instead of that ridiculous cartoon look.

Music Video: Lana Del Rey - Bel Air

Music Video: Melanie Fiona ft. B.O.B - Change The Record

Music Video: Azealia Banks - Fierce

Azealia Banks pretty much embodies the word "Fierce" so the title of her latest Fantasea mixtape, music video is so appropriate.

She's bold, trendy, and beautiful, which I'd say are all the requirements of being fierce. Check it out below.

Music Video: The Weeknd ft. Drake - The Zone

You know what I find hilarious about The Weeknd's "new" album Trilogy? I find it hilarious that after he's released three FREE amazing mixtapes (House of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence) , he now expects us to buy it. I'm personally not going to spend my hard earned money buying something I already own and I'm certainly not going to buy this album for three new songs and a few altered and remastered tracks but I'm sure there's enough fanatical fans who have nothing better to spend their money on who'll support this.

I hate re-releases and I hate when artist try to repackage their free mixtapes and sell them as if its new material that wasn't already given away for free.

Artist Promo: Whats Up With Dave Raps

Ever wonder what, Dave Raps has been up to in the last few months? If so his new video 'Adolescent Gift' will answer that curious question of yours and it will also give you a better understanding of who Dave is. Check it out below.

Music Video: Elise Estrada - Wonder Woman (Dedicated To Amanda Todd)

 Canadian singer, Elise Estrada has released a song titled 'Wonder Woman' in honour of bullying victim Amanda Todd who sadly took her life due to cyber-bullying. This song is also dedicated to others who are going through the oppression of bullying on and off-line.

If you like the song make sure you purchase it on iTunes because all proceeds will go to the anti-bullying project called 'The Amanda Todd Legacy Fund' which will help aid many anti-bullying campaigns as well as suicide prevention. Check out the touching video below.

We must all learn (me included) to be kinder to one another especially over the internet. Unfortunately people seem to forget that there are other human being behind the computer screen and every thing we say online effects some one the same way it would if you said it to them face to face. 

If you are a victim of bullying and need someone to speak to, you can call The KIDS HELP PHONE 24/7 by dialing 1.800.668.6868 OR message them online at

Artist Promo: Mark Morrison ft. K.O MCcoy & Young Buck - I Wanna Be Your Man 2.0

Every one knows British singer, Mark Morrison's iconic track 'Return Of The Mack', which set the record as the first song from a solo Black male artist to reach number one in the 1990's.

Well next year Morrison is expected to  release his new album, I Am What I Am, which will feature his new track 'I Wanna Be Your Man 2.0'. The track is titled 2.0 because its a remake of 80's musician, Roger Troutman song.

Mark Morrison's modern remake features Allure Entertainment Recording artist, K.O MCcoy and former G-Unit rapper Young Buck. Check out the track below.

Big shout out to for providing this material.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Music Video: Keyshia Cole - Trust And Believe

Benny Boom directs Keyshia Cole's new climatic music video for her second single 'Trust And Believe', which will appear on her upcoming album, Woman To Woman, due November 19th.

The music video and song are about Keyshia kicking her cheating boyfriend to the left, as well as her so-called former best friend who he's been creepin ' with.

Artist Promo: Introducing 31st Century

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to and watching Hip-Hop trio 31st Century's music video for their mixtape single 'Freak'.

The trio, which consist Tony Starxx from Atlanta Georgia, Christopher Killumbus from Chicago Illinois, and Sean Vee from Mount Vernon New York produce and write their own music.

 'Freak', which samples Estelle fun dance record, which goes by the same name is addictively (especially that Cowbell in the beat) fun and the music video is hilarious. All I have to say is wait for the end of the video because it had me laughing. Check it out below.

'Freak' appears of their mixtape Faced, which you can stream and download for FREE at their official website

 Don't forget to follow these dudes on Twitter @THE31st - @big_jeebus, @mrstarxx , @chriskillumbus .

Artsit Promo: Download Stick's 'Poor Little Rich Kid Mixtape'

FireBoy Music Group artist, Sticks releases his DJ Bigga Rankin hosted mixtape, Poor Little Rich Kid, which debuted on November the 2nd. Check out the music video for his first single 'Getn Money' directed by Beans Productions.

Mixtape Tracks

    1. Bigga Rankin Intro
    2. Made It (Feat. Dynasty)
    3. Off Da Whammy
    4. Just Kno Dat
    5. Bread Money & Cheese (Feat. Yoppa & Trap)
    6. Grind'n No Sleep'n (Feat. Terry & Bruce)
    7. It'z Wuteva Lyk
    8. Nekk Game (Feat. Michael Stokes)
    9. BAD and SHE KNOW IT (Krystle Darosa) (Feat. Fyeboy & Dany Boy)
    10. Amber Alert
    11 F CK SUMTHN (Feat. Jasta)
    12. That Gud Lyf
    13. I Wanna Be Rich (Feat. Dany Boy)
    14. Higher (Feat. Brandi)
    15. Gett'n Money (Soft Bed)
    16. Workin' Wit Nuttin
    17. Bigga Rankin Outro

Download Sticks mixtape via

Music Video: K-Os - The Dog Is Mine

Check out eclectic Canadian musician K-Os' new music video 'The Dog Is Mine' off of his forthcoming double album BLack on BLonde due January 29th 2013.

Artsit Promo: Download Richard Osborne's New Single "Better"

 22 year old R&B crooner, Richard Osborne has released his smooth new single, 'Better' off of his upcoming hotly anticipated EP, Late Night Thoughts. Check out the track below.

If you liked Richard's new single 'Better' then its your lucky day because you can download the track for free HERE and don't forget to follow Richard Osborne on Twitter at and like his Facebook page HERE

Big shout out to for sending me this material

Music Video: Ke$ha - Die Young

Ke$ha Looks fantastic as she steps up the sex appeal in her new video 'Die Young' but unfortunately she hasn't stepped up the creativity in her music with this track.  

Ke$ha's sophomore album, Warrior (Nov 30th 2012), first single 'Die Young'  doesn't seem like a new song from her but I guess its great for her fans since her material is consistent.

Music Video: Rihanna - Diamonds

I'm so busy that I barely have time to watch this video but posting it is a must! The video is simply stunning and I think it might be one of her best visuals yet. Check out, Rihanna's first single 'Diamonds'  off of her 7th forthcoming album Unapologetic  due November 19th 2012.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Music Video: Brandy - Wildest Dream

Just got in and saw the premiere of Brandy's second single, 'Wildest Dreams' from her new album Two Eleven and now I've got to go to bed so I can start a new day of hectic slave labor.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Music Video: Alicia Keys ft. Nicki Minaj - Girl On Fire (Inferno Remix)

If you've seen the original video for Alicia Key's new single 'Girl On Fire' then you really don't need to watch this video unless you really like Nicki Minaj.

Music Video: No Doubt - Looking Hot

No Doubt have released their third video, 'Looking Hot' from their comeback album, Push & Shove (Sept 2012). The video has a clear wild west "Cowboys & Indian" theme and I think its a pretty creative direction in my opinion. Plus the song title is so appropriate because as usual, Gwen Stefani is looking all kinds of hot.