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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Halloween Music Video Playlist

Halloween isn't just a kids holiday and if you believe your to old for Halloween then you apparently haven't looked in the adult costume section of your nearest party store. Talk about slut-astic! Its the only day of the year you can wear S&M gear on the streets and not be chastised. Other then tons of candy and slut wear, Halloween also offers great music and even better music videos.

So I love making useless playlist for any random holiday and I decided to make a fave Halloween playlist of all my favourite dark and edgy music videos and no 'Thriller' isn't on the list and not because I don't like it but because its the ultrimate Halloween song and really it has no competition So I'll post it as an honourable mention. Well what are you waiting for lets get spooky!

15. Nelly Furtado - Maneater (2008)

I personally think that Nelly Furtado's 'Maneater' video is kind of creepy! Just look at the dark settings and the weirdo with the glowing eyes at the star.

14. Janet Jackson ft. Carly Simon, Missy Elliot & Diddy - Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You Remix) (2001)

The Francis Lawrence directed music video features janet and a horde of demonic wome she summoned help her hunt and torement a man that Miss Jackson has beef with.

13. David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj -  Turn Me On (2011)

The whole video scream 'Its ALIVE' from that old Frankenstein movie! 

12. Katy Perry - ET (2011)

Katy looks hella creepy in 'ET' as she plays an alien on a quest to repopulate what I'm guessing is a desolate future Earth. All visuals aside, the songs lyrics are pretty creepy as well.

11. Creature - So High (2011)

Canadian band Creature play a rock concert for a horde of disgusting zombies in their video for their catchy track 'So High'. Very Halloween!

10. Kelis - Get Along With You (1999)

One of my favourite songs of all time! The video is dark and eerie like a Tim Burton directed movie.

09.Christina Aguilera - Fighter (2003)

Dark and downright scary, which is something you don't see from Christina often.

08. Rihanna - Disturbia (2008)

One of my all time fave Rihanna videos. Imagine Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' except with S&M elements added to it with one of the worlds hottest women singing instead.

07. Tamia - Imagination (1998)

Canadian singer Tamia pulls a 'Distubia' like video years befor RiRi ever did

06. Missy Elliot ft. Mocha & Timbaland - Hit Em Wit Da Hee (1998)

This video is pure and classic creative Missy Elliot and its pretty spooky as well

05. Kanye West - Paranoid (2008)

04. Jay-Z ft. Swiss Beatz- On To The Next One (2009)

The video is loaded with dark and occultist themes

03. Natalia Kills - Zombie (2011)

02. Timbaland & Magoo ft. Shaunta Montgomery - Luv 2 Luv U (Remix) (1997)

The haunted house video had cameos from Aaliyah and Ginuwine

01. Kanye West ft. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, & Nicki Minaj- Monster (2010)

The song is called 'Monster' so you should expect it to have one of the most dark and terrifying videos on the list. If correct the video was so immoral and gory that MTV had it banned.

Honourable Mention - Michael Jackson - Thriller

To all my readers I wish you a safe and happy Halloween!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Music Video: K'LA ft. Nas - Blame

New Music: Download Lloyd' Mixtape "The Playboy Diaries"

Make sure you download Lloyd's new mixtape, The Playboy Diaries (HERE) and before you download it you can listen to it below.

Artist Promo: Mandee Monet - Feel Me

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) and R&B Singer Mandee Monet has taken a stand for women and their daily fight against Breast Cancer. 

'Feel Me' is an empowering anthem dedicated to independent career driven women and the victims and survivors of Breast Cancer. Check out the video below and for more information about National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you can check out

If you enjoyed Mandee's music then you should stream her latest mixtape, Triumph Of A Broken Heart below.

Download your very own Free copy of Mandee Monet's mixtape, Triumph Of A Broken HeartHERE

Monday, October 29, 2012

New Music: Ashley Roberts - All In A Day

Former Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts has covered singer and choreographer Bobby Newberry song 'All In A Day' produced by The Invaders.

Bobby's name may seem familiar and if so its because he teamed up with former Doll, Melody Thornton on her mixtape cover of La Roux song 'Bulletproof'.

I'll admit I never heard Bobby's original version of this song but I'll say I liked Ashely's version a lot and heres hoping that she releases more music and that goes for all the other former Dolls.

(SoundCloud Player Link: HERE)

Bonus: If you haven't seen Melody Thornton and Bobby Newberry's duet music video for 'Bulletproof' then check that out below.

New Music: K-Os - Nyce 2 Know Ya

K-Os is proving to be quite the versatile artist as he dabbles in numerous genres, commanding them all at a pro level. His latest material that we've heard so far has had a more rock vibe to it compared to the traditional poetic rap type music he best known for.

K-Os is never one of those artist who shy away from experimenting and his new double album titled, BLack on BLonde, will probably be a mix of many different genres.

 One of his new tracks 'Nyce 2 Know Ya', which has been receiving radio play on KISS 92.5 commercial free Mondays, has a very pop sound to it and I actually didn't even realize or expect K-Os to drop a track like this but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Check it out below.

Music Video: Delia - Africana

Music Video: Jessica Sanchez ft. Apl.De.Ap - Jump In

Uber talented runner up (She should have won the whole show) on last years American Idol season, Jessica Sanchez debuts her debut video/song 'Jump In' featuring fellow Pinoy artist Apl.De.Ap of the Black Eyed Peas.

I'll be honest and say that I'll respectfully  pass this song because I'm not feelin' it to much but I will say I'm very interested to see what else Jessica has to offer.

Music Video: Carly Rae Jepsen - This Kiss

Canadian sensation Carly Rae Jepsen has released the video for her third single 'This Kiss' off of her sophomore album Kiss. The 80's-esque pop song is hot and the accompanying fun visuals did their job so check it out below.

Music Video: Ludacris ft. Kelly Rowland - Representin

Kelly Rowland teams up with Ludacris for his Rico Love produced single, 'Repesentin'  off of Luda's upcoming album Ludaversal.

Music Video: Owl City - Shooting Star

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Music Video: Rita Ora - Shine Ya Light

British, ROC princess, Rita Ora returns to her homeland of Kosovo for her new music video 'Shine Ya Light' off of her debut album ORA. Check her out as she receives ample amounts of love from proud fans below.

Artist Promo: Jc Villafan - Sweet Time

Soulful musician, Jc Villafan invites you into his bluesy world of acoustic guitars and uplifting voice via his live performance of  his song 'Sweet Time', which shares its name with his debut EP. Check it out below.

Make sure you stop by his website to per-order your physical copy of his debut EP Sweet Time (available November 1st 2012) and check out his Bandcamp page for more songs.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Music Video: Nicki Minaj - Va Va Voom

Today Nicki Minaj has debuted her new video for her song 'Va Va Voom' via the E! channel and VEVO. The Hype William's directed fairytale themed video is creative and pretty good. Check out the fantastical and magical video below.

P.S. The video is exclusively for the E! channel until tomorrow so check it out at there website HERE

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Music Video: Ciara - Got Me Good

Today CiCi premiered her new video, 'Got Me Good' off of her forthcoming new album, One Woman Army, due in 2013. The video made its debut in Times Square on the Sony JumboTron in honour of Ciara's 27th birthday, which happens to be today.

In my opinion the video is amazing and the choreography is on point but the song just isn't that special to me and it sounds a lot like something she's already made and released. I'm in no way saying the song is bad but it definitely doesn't wow me either but maybe after a few more listen the high octane track will grow on me.

UPDATE: This song def grew on me and I can't stop watching the video (Oct 30th, 2012)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Music Video: Tulisa - Sight Of You

Music Video: Nicki Minaj - Come On A Cone

Nicki Minaj has released a low budget viral video for her track 'Come On  A Cone'. Its one of those videos that are just a bunch of live performances and other mundane situations combined into one. Cameos from Tyga, Birdman, Waka Flocka Flame, Kim Kardashian, Black Chyna and other random people I can't place a name to. The video also promotes the the re-release of her sophomore album (The Re-Up), which is scheduled for a November 19th release.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Singer Battle: Toni Braxton vs. Heather Bright - Hands Tied

Toni Braxton released her sixth album Pulse in 2010 and the album spawned, third single, 'Hands Tied', which is one of my personal faves. Well one of the song writers, Heather Bright, has released the official demo version of the track, which means its time to analyze and decide who sang it better.

Get Into the battle below!

Toni Braxton - Hands Tied

Heather Bright - Hands Tied Demo

THE WINNER: Toni Braxton

I chose Toni because that deep and sensual tone of her voice complimented the song better then, Heathers did in my opinion. Don't get me wrong Heather's version is amazing as well and she deserves tons of credit for writing such a masterpiece but I prefer Toni on the track.

 VOTE below! Decide who YOU think sang it best!

Music Video: Jade Novah - Diamonds (Rihanna Cover)

(photo source:

 Singer/songwriter, Jade Novah and Devin Johnson (producer and the guy responsible for the arrangement of the cover song) have created and remade, Rihanna's new single, 'Diamonds'. Jade makes the song her very own and the duo completely made the song brand new. Check out Jade's powerful video for the song re-make below.

Download Jade Novah's 'Diamonds' HERE

BONUS: When 'Diamonds' first debuted I was a little put off by the song but just like with 'We Found Love' the song wormed its way into my head forcing me love it like the rest of RiRi's audio catalog. Now 'Diamonds' is at the top of my list for my faves at the moment and after hearing many of its other incarnations such as the 'Bimbo Jones (Vocal Remix)', I fell deeper in love with the powerful Sia penned track.

New Music: Sevyn Streeter - I Like It

Former RichGirl and Former TG4 member, Sevyn (now known as Sevyn Streeter) has released her first official debut solo single 'I Like It'. This will be her first solo single under Chris Brown's label CBE (Atlantic Records).

'I Like It' is a fun urban cut that seems like something that Chris Brown, himself would have made. Check it out below.

Artist Promo: Wazu Releases New Video For Song , 'Councillor"

Gloomy, edgy, and artsy pop duo, Wazu has released the official video for their new single, 'Councillor' (first premiered at  off of their upcoming appropriately Halloween release of their debut full length album, Robobo.

I really like 'Councillor' and I'm obsessed with the intro part with that throbbing machine/guitar like sound and the heavy bass as well. The dark video is a perfect match for the song and follows their creepiness theme fantastically.  Check out the eerie video below.

Nov 1: Philadelphia, PA - PhilaMOCA
Nov 3: Buffalo, NY - Festival of Blood
Nov 6: Detroit, MI - Lager House
Nov 8: Ann Arbor, MI - Far House
Nov 9: E Lansing, MI - TBA
Nov 11: Kalamazoo, MI - TBA
Nov 13: Chicago, IL - TBA
Nov 15: St Louis, MO - The Heavy Anchor
Nov 16: Louisville, KY - Haymarket Whiskey
Nov 18: Atlanta, GA - 10 High
Nov 24: Dallas, TX - Good Records (3pm)
Nov 24: Dallas, TX - Dada
Nov 25: Austin, TX - Frontier Bar
Nov 27: Austin, TX - Wardenclyffe Gallery
Nov 29: Houston, TX - Super Happy Fun Land
Nov 30: Baton Rouge, LA - TBA

Artist Promo: Shane Gamble - Turn My Way

 On September 18th 2012, indie musician Shane Gamble's released his self titled album with lead single, 'Turn My Way' scoring top ten status on SiriusXM Radio channel 59 The Highway. 

'Turn My Way' has a country vibe to it but it also slightly dabbles into pop genre as well. Check out the video for his soothing love song below.

Upcoming Mid-Atlantic Tour Dates:

Wednesday, October 17: Cadillac Ranch: Annapolis, MD: 5:00PM
Thursday, October 18: Uptown Tap House: Washington, DC: 8:00PM
Saturday, October 20: Ireland’s Fourt Courts: Arlington, VA: 9:00PM
Saturday, October 27: Dogfish Head: Gaithersburg, MD: 10:00PM
Thursday, November 1: The City Club: Washington, DC: 6:00PM
Saturday, November 3:  O'Sullivan's: Herndon, VA: 9:30 PM, 21+
Saturday, November 10: Parallel Wine Bistro: Ashburn, VA: 8:00PM
Wednesday, November 14:  Cadillac Ranch: Annapolis, MD: 5:00PM
Thursday, November 15: Rockwood Music Hall: New York, NY MIDNIGHT
Friday, November 16:  Hollow Creek Club: Middletown, MD: 9:00PM
Saturday, November 17: Dogfish Head: Falls Church, VA: 9:00PM
Monday, November 19: 12th & Porter: Nashville, TN: 9:00PM
Thursday, November 29: the Old Brogue- Great Falls, VA: 8:00PM

You can purchase Shane Gamble's self titled album on iTunes and for more information you can head over to his website HERE

Music Video: The Weeknd - Wicked Games

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Music Video: Nicki Minaj ft. Cassie - The Boys

Earlier today VEVO premiered, Nicki Minaj's new video/single 'The Boys' featuring Cassie.

 The Collin Tilley directed video is def one of my fave videos even though the concept made absolutely no sense but concept aside, Nicki Minaj is extremely entertaining and fun to watch. Call it my inner child but I like all the weird faces and bold colours.

My only problem is as much as I found it enjoyable I'm sure tons of little kids will as well and the lyrical content and visual content isn't exactly child friendly. Videos like this and Katy Perry's 'California Gurls' are kind of deceptive but kids shouldn't really be listening to Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry in the first place. Anyway check out the video below.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Music News: Rapper, Jon De Pledge Releases New Mixtape

Chicago based rapper Jon De Pledge has released his new mixtape SouL'D Out, which was released on October 15th exclusively through Check out his mixtape's first single and music video, 'Soul Cry' below.

Download SouL'D Out HERE and follow Jon De Pledge on Twitter

Music News: Stream Cory Lee's New Album 'Hot Pink Heart'

If you were watching CP24 this morning then you would have most likely seen actress/singer, Cory Lee appearance on the Breakfast show to promote her third studio album, Hot Pink Heart, Part One. I unfortunately I missed the talented singers whole segment because I had to go to work so I literally only caught the part where she said her album would be out on October 16th on iTunes. So far her second single 'Cruel Intentions' is at the top of my fave songs at the moment so check out the video and track at the end of this post.

Hot Pink Heart, Part 1Tracklist

1. Hot Pink Heart Intro
2. Fashion Show
3. Cruel Intentions
4. All Night
5. Bounce On It
6. Hell No (Remix)
7. Funkill
8. L.O.V.E.
9. Rest Of Mine

You can stream the entire 9 track album at Cory's fansite blog (HERE) and you can also purchase the album, via iTunes HERE.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Music Video: Meital Dohan ft. Sean Kingston - On Ya

Israeli singer, actor, writer, and much more,  Meital Dohan has teamed up with Jamaican born singer, Sean Kingston for her electronic club track , 'On Ya'. The song doesn't have enough vocal content in my opinion and Meital almost seems like the feature in her own song. Anyway check out her quirky and fun video below.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blog Update: Statistics Gone Bonkers

Apparently Google's statistic keeping system has gone crazy. It has erased all the views on my posts and is errored so for now I'm going to remove the popular post section until they fix the issue. Have a good night every one

UPDATE: Its been fixed .... Why does this post have more views then half my other post?

New Music: Natalia Kills - Heart To Break

Controversial and deliciously artsy singer, Natalia Kills has released/leaked a new track called 'Heart To Break', which might be destined to appear on her sophomore album.

The track definitely shows a more vulnerable and softer side of Natalia who usually has a dark and edgy image . 'Heart To Break' is one of those sad break up songs about pining over a a slowly deteriorating relationship. Check it out below.

New Music: K-Os - The Dog Is Mine

Check out Canadian musician, K-Os' new Rock single, 'The Dog Is Mine', which will appear on his double studio album, BLack On BLonde, due on November 27th 2012.

Music Video: Kaye Fox - She Can Have You

I just found out about Kaye Fox from an email I was sent about an artist named Reno Chinati. You can see the post about him HERE

Artist Promo: Reno Chinati feat. Kaye Fox - Burn

Chicago, Illinois, rapper/producer, Reno Chinati has released his new video, 'Burn' featuring singer Kaye Fox.

Other then Kay Fox, Reno has worked with a Yung Berg, producer NO I.D, Cassidy and toured with acts such as J. Cole, Nas, The Clipse, Slick Rick, Jeru The Damaja, and Wale.

His new single 'Burn' will appear on his forthcoming EP, 90/94, which will appear very soon on iTunes and other digital retailers.

Follow Reno Chinati On Twitter @Renochinati Follow Kaye Fox On Twitter @ItsKayeFox

New Music: Pusha T ft. Future - Pain

A new Pusha T (The Clipse) song called, 'Pain' leaked last week featuring new artist, Future.

I don't know what album will house this song or where its from but I must say I love it. Check it out below.

Music Video: Bobby V - Rock Body

Music Video: The Weeknd - Rolling Stone

Music Video: Solange - Losing You

Cute new song and video from Solange Knowles

Artist Promo: Jerome Price - Forever

The U.K. is booming with talented musicians! No wonder why there has been such a surge and demand of British artist in North America. One of these upcoming talented U.K. artist is rapper and producer, Jerome Price. Check out his new music video 'Forever', which is one of those "I wish I could live in this moment forever" kind of songs.

Buy Jerome Price's new single 'Forever' from iTunes HERE!

New Music: Andreena - Boss Chick

Flow 93.5 played Toronto Ontario,  singer Andreena Mills new song 'Boss Chick'. So I proceeded to look the song up on YouTube and the first thing I see is a video called "R.I.P. MissMill"! I was shocked and then I was like she's dead? How? When? Well it turns out Adreena Mills is very much alive and talented and if I didn't jump to assumptions I would've realised that Andreena is just killing off the Mills part of her name and just going as Andreena now. She'll explain the whole event below.

Anyway her new song 'Boss Chick' is pure fire and the track oozes pure confidence. Download it and check it out for free via Soundcloud. Don't forget to look out for Andreena's upcoming mixtape Naked.

(SoundCloud Player Direct Link: HERE)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Music: Cop A Copy Of Iggy's 'Trap Gold' Mixtape

Australian femcee, Iggy Azalea dropped her new mixtape, Trap Gold, a few days ago. The mixtape artwork and intro were obviously inspired by surreal artist Salvador Dali. Anyway Stream it! Download It! Do whatever you please!

Trap Gold Tracklisting

1. Intro – Dali
2. Yo El Ray
3. Down South
4. Demons
5. Slo
6. Quicktime
7. Flexin’ & Finessin ft. Juicy
8. 1-800-BONE
9. Bac 2 Tha Future (My Time)
10. GoldDust
11. Outro – David LaChapelle

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by

Download 'Trap Gold' HERE

Friday, October 12, 2012

Artist Promo: Tony Yayo ft. Beenie Sigel - Bad Guy

Got some more "Artist Promo" form an already established mainstream artist. Check out G-Unit artist, Tony Yayo's new song, 'Bad Guy'  featuring Beenie Sigel. 'Bad Guy' is set to appear on Yayo's upcoming mixtape Gun Powder Guru 5.

Download the track HERE via

Music Video: Lana Del Rey - Ride

Music Video: Usher - Numb

Artist Promo: Medina (6 Milly) - The Number Man (Produced By Timbaland)

Rappe, Medina AKA 6 Milly  pours his heart and soul out in his Timbaland produced track, 'The Number Man', which is all about his true /real life journey.

'The track touches on hard times in his life such as dealing with a close friends suicide, being homeless, dealing with a mentally ill mother, and many other trying events from his past.

Now 6 Milly has risen to higher levels and is now a CEO of MUSIC IS A SPORT, LLC and he's also snagged a role in upcoming movie 'Identity Theft' starring Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman . Anyway check out 6 Milly's journey from rags to riches below.

Music Video: Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj - Beauty And A Beat

Why exactly is Nicki Minaj swearing in a Bieber song? isn't his music generally for minors? Anyway creative filming perspective...

Music Video: P!nk - Try

I've never been a huge P!nk fan but every now and then she releases music that I will enjoy. Her music videos on the other hand are always watch worthy no mater what the song is thats accompanying the visuals.

I love her latest video/single, 'Try' from her her surprisingly refreshing sixth studio album, The Truth About Love (Sept 14th). The song is beautiful and the powerful visuals and stunning interpretive dancing by P!nk and her male co-star are worth a watch.

Artist Promo: Carla Thomas - "Sunshine'" + "Leave Me alone"

Today I was introduced to British Neo Soul singer, Carla Thomas via her light and pleasant debut single, 'Sunshine' , and her soulful follow up 'Leave Me Alone'.

The former backing singer for singer, Alexander O’Neal will be releasing her debut EP very soon, which will be followed by a tour in 2013 as well. Check out both EP singles below.

Follow Carla on twitter @CarlaThomas74

Artist Promo: Trigga Ryder & Frankie Benjamins - Still In The Hood

Check out British emcees, Trigga Ryder and Frankie Benjamin's video, 'Still In The Hood' off of their upcoming mixtape Next Level, which is scheduled for a December release.

The music video is directed by Ash Hargreaves (92Media) and the song is about the daily situations they've  experience due to living in the hoods of Britain. Check it out below.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Music Video: Havana Brown ft. R3hab - You'll Be Mine

Australian DJ, Havana Brown has released her second music video, ' You'll Be Mine' from her EP, When The Lights Go Out. Check out the cute video below.

Music Video: Naughty Boy ft. Emeli Sande - Wonder

Some of you maybe familiar with British producer and songwriter, Naughty Boy from Emeli Sannde's debut album, Our Version Of Events. Now he has teamed up with Emeli for his first single, 'Wonder', which appears on the deluxe version of, Our Version Of Events. Check out the colourful music video below.

Music Video: A Fine Frenzy - Avalanches

Music Video: Kimbra - Come Into My Head

Music Video: Inna ft. Play & Win - INNdiA

Music Video: Norman Doray & NERVO ft. Cookie - Something To Believe In

Music Video: Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch – Sweet Nothing

Artist Promo: Fame - Scottie Pippen (33)

New York rapper, Fame, releases his single, 'Scottie Pippen (33)', which was inspired by video game NBA 2k13. Check out the track below.