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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Music Video: Adam Lambert - Never Close Our Eyes

I'm not feelin' any of this dudes new music (or any of his old music for that matter) and to be honest I pretty much hate this guys whole discography with the exception of his debut song, "For Your Entertainment', which in my opinion is his only good song.

Music Video: Travis Porter ft. Jeremih - Ride Like That

Music Video: Florence + The Machine - Spectrum

Music Video: Tank ft.T.I. & Kris Stephens - Compliments

Hot song but who is Kris Stephens? She sounds promising!

Music Video: Agnes - One Last Time

Swedish singer, Agnes has never been featured on my blog before because when I first started blogging I kind of focused solely on North American acts but I found that so limiting since I'm quite fond of a lot of European and Australian Pop acts that don't necessarily get played on North American media outlets.

You can check out Agnes's black and white emotional video for her single, 'One Last Time' and a bonus video of my favourite song from her, 'Release Me' the Party Rock Remix.

Music Video: Marina And The Diamonds - Power & Control

Singer/song writer, Marina And The Diamonds, released her sophomore album 'Electra Heart' on April 27th and I've yet to hear it fully but the songs that I have heard have been amazing to say the least.

Marina has been releasing her music videos and web videos in installments over VEVO and today she released Part 6, 'Power & Control'  of her 'Electra Hearts' series.

I'm in love with 'Power & Control' and my other favourite song that I've heard from her would have to be her mournful song, 'Lies', and her delightful electronic song, 'Radioactive' which you can check out below.

Monday, May 28, 2012

New Music: Trina - I'm Back (Back 2 Buisness)

Trina returns to the music scene with a very gritty and sexually explicit track called, 'I'm Back (Back 2 Business)', which is suppose to appear on an upcoming summer mixtape. Check out the self proclaimed "Baddest B*tch's" return below.

RANT: Lady Gaga vs. Indonesia

 (Pic source)

I'm sure most of you have heard about the huge Indonesian situation with Lady Gaga? Well if you haven't I'll give you a brief summary. Lady gaga was set to perform her "Born This Way Ball' in Indonesia, which is predominately an Islamic country.

 Forgive me if I sound ignorant at any point but Islamic run countries seem to be more strictly run and they seem to lack the ability to separate religion from politics. Yes, North America also suffers from the ability to separate politics from religion (whence the whole gay Marriage debate) but unlike in, Islamic run countries you aren't threatened to be killed or harmed for standing up against religion. We North Americans (Canadian and Americans) truly take our freedom of speech for granted.

 Anyway I'm getting off topic here! Lady Gaga was defiant towards all the religious protestors who believed that she would corrupt the youth so in typical fanatical behaviour, the extremist threatened to kill her. Isn't this the ironic part about these religions! I pretty sure no God condones killing people to spread his/her scripture. God is suppose to be love and if an individual is doing something that displeases him/her,  he'll/she'll deal with them accordingly. He/She did not put man on this earth to act as his/her hand and pass the judgement of life and death to their fellow man.

Anyway, Lady Gaga, was going to continue her tour but I guess the risk factor was way to high so she gave in today stating

"We had to cancel the concert in Indonesia. I’m so very sorry to the fans & just as devastated as you if not more. You are everything to me. I will try to put together something special for you. My love for Indonesia has only grown" (source 1, 2

 I really don't understand why any secular Pop star would want to perform in any strict Islamic run country in the first place. These countries can become very dangerous if the fanatics believe you have offended their religion in anyway. Its not like North America we're artist like Madonna can put herself on a cross and we're Marilyn Manson can denounce Christianity and only expect the worst back lash  to be an angry and well written statement from the Pope or some other religious leader. In strict Islamic countries these controversial musicians would be killed for expressing their anti-religious beliefs.

I think what Lady Gaga did was truly brave and the fact that she was going to stand up for what she believed in and put her life at risk made me respect her ten folds more. Yes, I know I've had less then kind things to say about her, 'Born This Way' album but all music aside, Lady Gaga, seems like a stand up dame who truly deserves success. Not only does she connect with her "Little Monsters", she sing amazingly live, she writes her own music (some times), fights AIDs,  and stands up for equality. So I ask what is there not to respect about Lady Gaga?

Music Video: Mary J. Blige - Don't Mind

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Music: Mia Martina ft. Adrian Sina - Go Crazy

Today I heard this song at work and I literally stopped what I was doing and ran to the stereo to make sure I found out who was singing this amazing song.

It turns out it was the amazing Canadian singer, Mia Martina and I hope she makes a video for this song because I'm absolutely in love with this song.

Music Video: Chris Brown - Sweet Love

Chris Brown's latest amazing but explicit offering, 'Sweet Love' is off of his upcoming album, 'Fortune', which is scheduled for a June 29th release.

I'm not sure 'Sweet Love' will get to much radio play with risky lyrics like 'Grinding inside and out of you" because some radio stations censor the word "high" and "drunk"  but maybe he'll release a toned down radio version or something.

Anyway get into the dream world sex sequence like video below

Music Video: Will. I.Am ft. Eva Simon - This Is Love

Unfortunately the lovely Eva Simons spends most of her time on a laptop screen being viewed by Will.I.Am for most of this video until she makes a better appearance around the end. To be honest she's the whole reason why I even wanted to see the video.

Anyway “This Is Love,” is the second single to be lifted off Will.I.Am's  upcoming solo album #willpower.

Music Video: Kylie Minogue - Timebomb

 (pic source)

Huge Pop icon, Kylie Minogue proves that age ain't nothing but a number in her latest sexy video, 'Timebomb' and time has been nothing but good to this lovely lady.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Music Video: Kelly Clarkson - Dark Side

Music Video: Melody Thornton ft.. Bobby Newberry - Bulletproof

The uber talented, Melody Thornton and Bobby Newberry, have debuted a full music video after they released a mini video for their, La Roux cover of, 'Bulletproof'.

The artsy black and white video is a single off of her P.O.Y.B.L mixtape, which has been receiving rave reviews and displays the evolution of Melody'sstyle after she has departed from pop tart group The Pussycat Dolls. Anyway check the video out below.

New Music: Jennifer Lopez ft. Lil' Jon & Flo-Rida - Goin In

Yesterday J-Lo's got up on stage and gave a stellar performance for the American Idol Finale performance. The performance was special not only because it was great but because she debuted a new song called, 'Goin In' featuring Lil' Jon and Flo-Rida.

'Goin In' might appear on her forthcoming album but it will definetely appeare on the Step Up Revolution (I hate these movies) soundtrack, which will be available on July 9

The song is a beautiful electronic heavy bass track that will have you up on your feet dancing to the beat. Long live the electronic pop movement and long live great dance music!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Music News: Jennifer Lopez Debuts New Hit Song On American Idol Finale

Jennifer Lopez has just debuted a new song on the American Idol Finale called, 'Goin' In' and can I just say that this song is a smasher! The Lil Jon and Flo-Rida assisted track is just irresistible and I can't wait to hear it in HQ audio. Check out the live performance below (brought to you by Humanslinky)

Jennifer Lopez ~ live on American Idol 2012... by HumanSlinky

New Music: Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm

'Pound The Alarm' is Nicki Minaj's next 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded' (April 3rd) single and it makes sense that she'd want to release this as a single since its very current and I'm sure she'll gain loads of success with this pop friendly track over seas.

I don't hate the song but I wish she'd released 'Whip It ' as her next single instead but whatever its her album and her decision.

Check out 'Whip It' below and you can be the judge of which song should've been the next single.

Music Video: Shanell ft. Lil Wayne & Drake - So Good

Shanell finally releases a video for her dope single, 'So Good', which features her Young Money label mates, Lil' Wayne & Drake.

Unfortunately the video isn't in HQ at the moment but you can get the gist of the video, which takes place in a Drive In theater parking lot before it cuts out to a sensual slow jam track called,'6 AM'.

Music News: Rihanna Performs 'Where Have You Been' On American Idol Finale

I just finished watching Rihanna's American Idol Finale performance of  'Where Have You Been' (thanks to the HumanSlinky you can see it on-line) and I think she did a pretty good job especially since this song is such a dance worthy track.

Rihanna ~ live on American Idol 2012, Winner... by HumanSlinky

The best part of this performance is that she sang live instead of lip syncing like certain other artist.

New Music: #Discovery - Rising R&B/Soul Talent (Volume 2) mixtape

Are you ready for the next wave of talent from the R&B and Soul music scene? If yes then its essential that you check out the #Discovery mixtape, which features 12 songs from fresh and new talented singers.

 #Discovery Volume 2 is brought to by and you can download (for FREE) and stream the mixtapes below.

If you liked this collection as much as I do then you should check out last years release,  #Discover Volume 1, which features artist like K.Michelle, Elle Varner, J.Cole, and Luke James.  Check out #Discovery Volume 1 at

Music Video: Jay Sean ft. Pitbull - I'm All Yours

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Music Video: Kevin McCall ft. Big Sean - Naked

Singer/rapper/song writer, Kevin McCall has teamed up with the smooth rapping, big Sean for his sexy music video for his hot track, 'Naked'.

The beat of this song goes hard and my only complaint about this video is I would have loved to see a dance break or a group routine or something.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Artist Promo: Dave Raps - Dreamz

Dave Raps gets crucified in his new grim and dark video for his 'AKA Dave Ruffin' mixtape single,

The video is very artsy and is definitely on another level compared to the basic videos made by many other rappers.

 Dave is definitely one of the leaders of the pack!

Download Dave Raps' mixtape 'AKA Dave Ruffin' HERE

Do These Videos Seem Similar To You?

I made a vow to never post about this particular artist (I will not utter her name) but doesn't this certain artist's video and sound seem kind of similar to another female rapper that was ridiculed non-stop over the internet for rap video about muffins (the video portrays Cupcakes)? You be The Judge and watch both videos below.

Music Video: Iggy Azalea - Pu$$Y (It's Not A New Video)

I know this video is old and I know every one knows about Iggy but I seem to have missed posting this video and I don't know how since this song is fire. In my opinion Iggy and Brianna Perry are the two best current female rapper out at the moment.

Music Video: Tulis - Young

I love this song and I can't believe I never posted the video but I must have forgotten. If I'm correct the song is a smash over in the U.K. right now and I wish they'd play this song on the radio up here in Canada.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Music Video: Preeya Kalidas ft. Davinche - Love Between Us

I just saw British singer, Preeya Kalidas video for her song, 'Love Between Us' today and can I say that this song is addictive. I love every minute of this song from the Indian music sample to the dubstep parts.

New Music: Katy Perry - Wide Awake

I'm not exactly 100% sure but it seems that Katy Perry 'Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection' track 'Wide Awake' is being groomed for the single treatment and why shouldn't it? The song has hit written all over.

If you like pop music and you haven't heard 'Wide Awake' yet then I encourage you to press the play button and check it out.

New Music: Akon ft. Natalia Kills - Louder

Natalia Kills and Akon team up together to bring you a fun and fast paced dance track called, 'Louder', which is supposedly produced by David Guetta. Whether, 'Louder' will appear on Natalia's highly anticipated and still untitled sophomore album or some future work from Akon is left to be seen.

 I also have no concrete evidence that the track is produced by Guetta and I'm just writing what I'm told but the track very well could  be produced by some one else. If any of you remember when Wynter Gordon's single 'Dirty Talk' leaked people were saying it was a Guetta produced track, which it turned out not to be.

UPDATE: Apparently I'm being told the vocals may not actually be from, Natalia Kills (sounds like her with autotune to me), but from some unknown demo artist and I'm also being told the song is a demo for Paris Hilton (Barf)

UPDATE 2.0: I just read's interview with Natalia, which explains everything below

Theprophetblog: Girl, I saw on Perez Hilton that a song of yours called “Louder” with David Guetta and Akon was mistaken for a Paris Hilton record. Did you ever think that somebody would confuse you for Paris Hilton?
Natalia Kills: [Laughs] That’s not my song! I don’t know who sings it but I’d never heard it before. It probably is Paris Hilton after all!
(Quotes taken from interview with Natalia Kills)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Music Video: Teairra Mari ft. 2 Chainz - U Did That

Teairra Mari finally releases her long awaited video for her single, "U Did That", which features rapper of the moment, 2 Chainz. Watch the sexy video below.

I don't know the video just seems like one of her many other sexy mixtape videos that we've seen before. One may argue that tons of other artist sell sex but other artist such as, Lady Gaga and Rihanna  mask it with uniqueness and creativity  whence RiRi's latest video, 'Where Have You Been', which has its sexy moments but the viewer barely notices them because they are captivated by the scenery and the whole atmosphere of the video. I find Teairra pretty much just says "I'm Sexy" and then dumps sex on you instead of trying to get creative with it.

Anyway 'U Did That' is a hot song overall but I'd be lying  if I said I was anticipating her long awaited sophomore album, which still has no definite release date.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Music Video: Nicki Minaj ft. Chris Brown - Right By My Side

Whoa! I had no clue that this video was getting released today!
Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown team up in her video and song, 'Right By My Side', which has Nas playing Nicki's love interest.
I must say that this is one of my favourite tracks off Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

Artist Alert: Introducing Blind Benny

Blind Benny is a new band that is categorized as ethereal rock or moody/emo music as I'd like to call them. The bands/duos consist of  lead singer, Jade who is a La Guardia School of Performing Arts graduate (see Azealia Banks and Nicki Minaj) and guitarist and producer, Jonathan Carmelli.

On September 04, 2012 the bands debut EP will premiere and to give fans and new listeners a taste of what to expect you they've  released their first haunting single and video, 'No Honor".

Music Video: Calvin Harris ft. Ne-Yo - Let's Go

New Music: Ginette Claudette - Everything's Coming Up Roses

While surfing and sifting through my usual musical haunts I came across a free (this word always interest me) mixtape from an up and coming talented musician named, Ginette Claudette.

Ginette is a 19 year old singer who is signed to Universal Motown and she has worked with some great people such as Rico Love after she was discovered through YouTube.

The first time I found out about her was last year after I heard her soulful R&B song, '3rd Grade Love', which was posted on some ones blog but since I had no other info about her I kind of forgot about her.

Until today when I came across her new EP, 'Everything's Coming Up Roses' , which is a 8 track mixtape of original music. I definitely advise listening to 'Fade', Pulling Petals', 'I Could Kill You'. and 'Someday We Will'.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Music News/RANT: X-Factor U.S. Season 2 With Britney Spears and Demi Lovato

I'm sure everybody and their Granny knows about Simon Cowel's final X-Factor judge decision and I'm sure everybody has given their 2 cents on the situation. Well I've got something to say as well and I'm pretty sure every one else has already said this but Simon is brilliant.

Every reality show and casual TV viewer will be tuned into see the self proclaimed Queen of Pop (more like Court Jester Of Pop in my opinion) Britney Spears soar to new heights or crash and burn (more likely to happen) so regardless the view count is going to go through the roof and if Britney fails to attract they still have a former Disney kid (Demi Lovato) and we all know how loyal Disney kid's fan base is.

I'm pretty sure The Voice, which will be airing the exact same time as X-Factor will loose this battle for viewers, which means we can add this as a another loss to be added to the list when one compares Britney and Christina Aguilera careers. If I'm lucky The Voice will get put on the chopping block because we all know it can't compare and besides the show is terrible and the worst reality singing competition out at the moment (I despise The Voice). 

The only downside to Britney Spears being a judge on X-Factor is the fact that she's not mentally stable enough to legally care for herself or her own business but yet she has the capability to judge people with actual talent. Unlike former judge Nicole Scherzinger, Britney can't sing a note outside of her studio either so the fact that she has the gall to judge others on something she can't even do is ridiculous.

Yes one could say that we judge musicians all the time and we can't sing but we're not being chosen to decide how talented others singers are on a nation wide talent search. My only complaint about, Demi Lovato is is that she's not a seasoned enough singer to be a judge but a6t least she can actaully sing live.

Anyway I definitely will be tuning into to see how Britney does and to see how she holds up to the criticism and how she will handle the live show since her people/team have fenced her up in one of those giant quarantine bubbles to keep undesired media and pinons out. Oh well here's hoping the show will be half as interesting and funny as the video below.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Music Video: Cassie - King Of Hearts (R3hab Remix Video)

Cassie has breathed some new promo into her amazing first single, 'King Of Hearts' with her new music video for her the R3hab remix.

Cassie's long awaited sophomore album is scheduled for a September 2012 release and I'm super excited to hear this album because Cassie makes some great music and we've all waited way to long for this album.

Music Video: Mandy Capristo - The Way I Like It

I know German singer, Mandy Capristo's video, 'The Way I Like It' isn't that new to most people but I was introduced to this song from a friend of mine who is well versed in the Euro Pop scene and I liked the song a lot so I decided to post and share the video.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Music Video: Inna - Caliente

Music Video: Jeffree Star - Prom Night

Jeffree Star is the first openly gay and cross dressing artist to be signed to Akon's label Kon Live, which is the home to great acts like, Natalia Kills, Lady Gaga, Kat Deluna, and Kardinal Offishall.

Check out the very pink music video to his single, 'Prom Night'  off of his EP, 'Virginity' below.

Music Video: Far East Movement ft. Kayla Kayla & Tyga - Dirty Bass

Live: Jade Alston Performs An amazing Set @ BET BET Music Matters Showcase 2012

I haven't posted a live performance in ages and I think I should start doing that again. Anyway on Tuesday May 8th, R&B  singer/ song writer, Jade Alston performed an amazing set which consisted of  a mash-up of Bruno Mars, Kings Of Leon, and Lil Wayne, a Mary J Blige cover of her song 'Real Love', and two of her original songs, 'Searching' and 'Sober' from her freEP, ' On A Saturday Night'  for BET's Music Matters Showcase.

You can stream and download Jade's feEP, 'On A Saturday Night' HERE

Aretist Promo: Sha Stimuli Interview Part 1

Busy! Busy! Busy! That is why I haven't been able to post anything but you know the saying about better late then never so anyway lets jump right into this post.

 Y'all know about Sha's 12 part mixtape series, 'The Rent Tapes' and if you haven't then I advise you go through my blog archives or you could watch this interview where Sha Stimuli's tells you all about himself and his 12 part mixtape series. Check out part 1 of the High Impact Multimedia filmed interview below!

You can purchase previous releases from #TheRentTapeSeries ('The Calling', 'The Chills', 'The March', and 'The TrueMan Show') at

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Music Video: Colbie Caillat ft. Common - Favorite Song

Music Video: Nelly Furtado - Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)

I know we've all seen the video because it leaked about a week ago but for some odd reason I decided to wait until Nelly's team officially released it to VEVO instead of posting it earlier.

So if you haven't seen Nelly Furtado's, 'Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)' then I'd recommend that you check out the flamboyant and energetic video below, which is the first single from her upcoming album, 'The Spirit Indestructible'.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Music Video: Kanye West - Lost In The World

Its always a treat to watch Kanye's videos because they aren't your typical rap video that is usually taped on the hard streets of your local "hood" or in some seedy night club/strip club.

Anyway check out the video for his haunting Bon Iver's assisted track,'Lost In The World', which is directed by fashion film maker, Ruth Hogben.

Music Video: Selena Gomez & The Scene - Hit The Lights

Kind of old song but they re-released the video and I never got a chance to post it the first time.

Music Video: Trey Songz - Heart Attack

Check out Trey's new video for his most recent single, 'Heart Attack', which sees R&B vixen, Kelly Rowland as the lead lady.

Music Video: Jully Black - Can You Feel It

The undisputed R&B/Soul Queen of Canada, Jully Black returns full force with a diva-licious video for her new song, 'Can You Feel It' that lets you know who runnin' this! Check it out below!

See this is my type of music (I can't speak for the rest of y'all) but I can't resist getting up and dancing when one hears  the drum heavy beat  of this track. I like music that makes you want to move.

Music Video: Kreesha Turner - Love Again

The video for Kreesha Turners' third single, 'Love Again' off of her sophomore album, 'Tropic Electric', debuted this past Tuesday (May 1st 2012) and yes! I know I'm a lil late but we're a busy bunch of peeps over here. Anyway the video fits perfectly with the songs high energy dance vibe so make sure you check it our below.

New Music: Carly Rae Jepsen - Curiosity

Carly Rae Jepsen exploded onto the music scene with her hit song, 'Call Me Maybe', which garnered so much attention that she attracted the attention of Justin Bieber, which then in turn got her the global attention she needed to be a universal star and appear on huge American shows like, The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

 Anyway her second single,'Curiosity', which shares its name with her second album (released Feb 14th 2012), is as equally catchy as her first single, 'Call me Maybe'. If you haven't heard the track on the radio already then check it out below.

Music Video: Dragonette - Let Go

Juno award winning electronic band, Dragonette has released a video for their infectious first single,'Let Go', which will appear on their forthcoming third album.

The video seems to take place in a pharmaceutical lab and Martina Sorbara (lead singer) and other people seem to be lab rabbits that are being experimented on.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Music Video: Willow Smith - Do It Like Me (Rockstar)

 'Do It Like Me (Rockstar)' is Willow Smith's extremely catchy, 4rth single ('Whip My Hair', '21st Century Girl', 'Fireball', and now 'Do It Like Me (Rockstar)') from her upcoming album, 'Knees and Elbows', which still has no release date even though her first single debuted in 2010.

Music Video: Stooshe - Black Heart

Music Video: Shakira - Addicted To You

Latin sex bomb, Shakira released a new video for her track, 'Addicted To You' but unfortunately most of the song is in Spanish and I don't understand it.

Music Video: Cheryl Cole - Call My Name

I'm not to familiar with Cheryl Cole other then then the fact that she was axed from X-Factor U.S., she was part of a huge British girl band that I had no interest in called, Girls Aloud, and that Will.I.Am is her manager who will attempt to make her an international star (emphasis on "attempt").

Anyway she released a new hot and very current (generic), Calvin Harris produced dance track titled, 'Call My Name' and you can check out the dance filled video below.