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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Music Video: Melissa Molinaro - Dance Floor

I watch that TMZ's show all the time because they really open your eyes to juicy tidbits sometimes like the fact that Melissa Smith who appeared in the Pussycat Doll show "Search For The Next Doll" is that so-called Kim K look-a-like in that Old Navy commercial. She now goes by the name of Melissa Molinaro.

The funny thing is I watched that Pussycat Doll show and I never connected that the Old Navy girl was Melissa who constantly attacked Chelsea Korka of the Parodiso Girls for not being able to dance. I guess because she looks different now and her last name isn't the same either.

Anyway TMZ also opened my eyes to her new video/song "Dance Floor"(I'm sure I've heard a Jackie Boyz demo song using this beat).

I love the song and she's Canadian as well so that's a plus and it nice to see one of those talented girls from those Pussycat Doll/Girlicious reality shows doing something. Where is Asia's first single?

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