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Monday, August 16, 2010

Music News: Katy Perry Is Pissed At Her Record Label

I absolutely love this song, "Peacock" and Katy performs it well live (below). Unfortunately we all might never hear this song on her upcoming album "Teenage Dream" , because her record label (Capitol) doesn't want her to release a song that has "C*ck" in the title.

Katy Perry has replied by calling them Idiots and stating that they attempted to stop her from releasing "I Kissed A Girl" on her first album.

Imagine if she never released "I Kissed A Girl", which still bangs hard on my Mp3 player. "Peacock" is an obvious hit and the sexual meaning and lyrics are no worse than Britney Spears singles "If You Seek Amy" and "3".

"Teenage Dream" will hit stores August 24th and if the leaks have anything to do with how the rest of the album sounds Then I'd say it will be a definite grab.

I heard the story while listening to 99.5 (Virgin Radio)

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